Knowing Jesse and I, it probably doesn’t surprise anyone that Gregory seems to LOVE books! They are the first “toy” in his box that he goes for. We read 4-5 of them a day together, and he sits calmly, giggling whenever we turn the page and show him a new picture. I love it so much, you have no idea.

G’s favorites right now:

We love the dilemma in this book: "If they all have tails, then why haven't I?"

Fun sounds

a "bathtime" book, so it's also good for teething 🙂

The vivid colors in this book are FANTASTIC!

a book about penguins, from Grandpa. G likes this one a lot because of how big and easy to grab onto it is.

Also, G just figured out how to clap his hands together (intentionally). As we were all playing together a few minutes ago, he did some funny little dance move with his hands, wiggling his body at the same time, then started to laugh hysterically. It was so so precious.

LXD, Bernini’s Angels

Even if you’re not a fan of So You Think You Can Dance, you will like this. Guaranteed. It will blow your mind.

This is from the lead director/choreographer, Christopher Scott, of the LXD mini web series (League of Extraordinary Dancers), a story about the fight between good and evil, told through dance. He even dances in it himself.

Car Saga, Chapter 1

This week has been a giant Car Saga. I was already going to write volumes about alllll that we’ve had to go through with the Passat in the last 5 days (that thing has been the albatross from HELL around our necks!), and then today happened.

Jenny graciously spent the day with me at the apartment, helping me pack, so she was with me when I got the news. Jesse sent a text that said, “On my way home”. 5 minutes later, he texted me again and said, “Call me now.”

So I called.

I could hear sirens in the background. Jesse’s first words were, “You’re going to have to cancel your piano students (I didn’t have any today anyways). I’ve been in an accident. I’m fine, but I think the car is totalled.”

I was shell shocked. Those of you who’ve been in an accident or had a loved one in an accident know exactly what this feels like.

“Were you at fault? What happened?” I asked.

“I had just left work and was going about 35 mph down Highland Dr., when all of a sudden a lady pulled out of nowhere and accelerated right into me.”

Jesse didn’t actually get much of the story from the woman, another Nationstar employee, because she was in shock and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. What he did hear her say was something about her phone and not knowing where it was anymore….my money is on the fact that she was on her cell phone and wasn’t paying attention.

SHE says, however, that the car behind her hit her bumper, making her panic and accelerate without looking into the street.

Yeah right. Seriously. The police checked her bumper and the other guy’s fender. Not a scratch. Sounds like a load of baloney. The guy that she claims hit her bumper first says that he saw the whole thing. He said he couldn’t believe his eyes, it was such a stupid driving move.

Our car was hit twice on the driver side– once in front of the tire well, and again on the back of the car after she spun out and hit him again.

The first hit in the front

The second hit in the back

The front again

Luckily, there are plenty of witnesses, all of whom told the police in the police report that the woman was at fault. We didn’t get her insurance info personally, seeing as she was whisked off to the hospital so fast because she was complaining of leg pain, but it’s all in the police report, which will be released early next week so we can get everything covered and paid for.

Luckily as well, we have GAP insurance, so we have nothing to fear. We will get what we owe on the car OR what it’s worth, whichever is greater. There is a chance that it’s not totalled, in which case we will have the car repaired, good as new!

In the case that it is totalled, Jesse and I are seriously contemplating not buying a car just yet. We move to CA in a little over 2 weeks. We will be living less than 1 mile away from our job. We could even ride a bike, if worse came to worse.

We are also contemplating the idea of going back to Toyota of Lewisville, the same place that gave us our GREAT deal (0% APR, which is why I think the car is actually worth more than we owe right now, seeing as we’ve been paying the principal balance from Day 1!), and offering to buy another one of their cars if, and only if, they can give us the same financing deal. If this turns out to be the case, we are considering getting a Toyota Rav 4! This dealer has a couple 2010’s for only $20k (a great price for a crossover SUV that has the Toyota reliability and resale value). More on that later– first, we have to see whether or not the Corolla is actually totalled.

IN GOOD NEWS….wait for it…..we’ve sold the Passat! The check to pay off that car loan ONCE AND FOR ALL is in the mail. We will pocket about $800 extra for all of our time and troubles. Not quite worth it (biggest understatement of the year)….but nice, nonetheless! Also, our big brown couch sold for $180, wired to me today by Paypal (even though they haven’t picked it up yet).

For now, I am just giving thanks that Jesse is safe and sound. We are getting a car from Enterprise tomorrow, so life will go on as planned (which is good, because we have our fun BBQ with the Metropolitan and a few families from church tomorrow!). Thank God that we are all alive and unharmed.

Guest Starring: Jesse’s Camera Phone

On our way up to Big Sur, at Ragged Point where Jesse proposed nearly 6 years ago!!


Overlooking the ocean

Isn't California gorgeous?

On the plane back to Dallas

walking to Daddy!

The first of many

The final goodbyes have started. Yesterday was my last time teaching one of my families– 2 girls and their mother. I am teaching up into the week that we are leaving, but this family left for a long vacation today.

Things were going fine– until about halfway through the 7th grader’s lesson. All of a sudden, as I’m in the middle of explaining part of the song, she interrupted and said, “I’m gonna miss you…” and started crying. Tore my heart out. Since she’s in junior high, however, she started fanning her eyes and saying, “Whew, DON’T cry, DON’T cry, you’re wearing mascara!”

As I was leaving, the younger girl said, “Wait! I wrote you a song!” She then proceeded to sit down at the piano and play a little tune she’d made up to go with these words.

It's hard to see, but the beginning says, "Why'd you have to go? We loved you so."

MAN! This leaving-stuff is HARD!

Case in Point

the toy bin he's SUPPOSED to play with. He moved on to breaking into our tv cabinet before long.

dumped out all the books, along with the videos on the right

he wanted me to join the fun, so he crawled over and started giggling at me. Really, he knows the way to my heart. Just start being oh so darn cute.

My Little Explorer

We have reached “that” phase. You know, the one where NOTHING in the apartment is safe. He has successfully crawled all over our apartment, showing me exactly what needs to either be moved or packed. He seems fascinated by electrical outlets, so those have now been baby-proofed. Books are also his favorite– he loves to crawl around to the different bookshelves and take everything out. Items on taller surfaces aren’t safe either– he can crawl over and pull up to a standing position, anywhere and everywhere. In the mornings when we “cuddle”, he crawls over to our headboard and climbs up the iron scrollwork. What am I going to do with this kid?

Oh, and he knows exactly how to find me! Two times today, while I was attempting to make the bed and sweep the kitchen, he started crying from loneliness (don’t feel bad…the kid has me wrapped around his finger. I spend ALL DAY playing with him…). I decided to keep on with my chores, hoping to just get them done quickly and then run out to give him more attention. Before I could even count to ten, however, he had crawled from the living room to where I was. In other words, he has our house memorized and knows where I usually go to do chores! Smart kiddo!

G with a new toy from one of my piano students

Dream Come True!

This morning, during our playtime, Gregory actually played catch with me! Full-on, cognitively understood the concept and tossed me the ball over and over after I tossed/rolled it back!

I’ve been playing this game with him for weeks, but I’ve had to supply both ends of the bargain. In other words, I would do all the tossing, but cheer whenever I made the ball roll from him towards me.

Today, he absolutely LOVED it when I cheered! He thought it was the greatest thing that he got to throw the ball and be cheered for. Cackles of glee were flying all over the living room. We must have tossed the ball back and forth at least a dozen times.

I’m so glad that God has blessed us enough to let me stay home with my baby. It’s worth every minute, and I can’t imagine missing any of it.


Don't you wish we could all wake up this happy from our naps?