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Hi! Thanks for visiting! If we are going to be friends, here are a few posts you should read:

I talk to my garden vegetables.

No, really, I do.

I yell at my Tupperware bowls.

As a mother, I am always trying to avoid the Pity Monster.

We stink at grooming our dog.

Once Upon a Time, we lived in a drug/rat infested hell-hole.

And then there was the time I was almost arrested in Italy!

For some even crazier stuff about me, visit here!

And now….drumroll…my life story….

I was born in Long Beach, CA. When I was 4, my parents moved my brother and I up to CA’s Central Coast where I spent the next 13 years of my life.

Old Family Photo

I attended North County Christian School in Atascadero for high school, finishing in 3 years.

At 17, I went to Biola University and got my undergrad degree in English, finishing in 3.5 years!!! I was also part of the Torrey Honors Program. I traveled to Europe twice, visiting England, France, Scotland, Greece, Italy, Turkey and a few islands in the Mediterranean.

My freshman year at Biola, I started dating a friend of mine who I’d known almost my entire life. At the beginning of my Junior year, we got engaged!


Three days after my senior year began, August 26, 2006,  Jesse Cone and I got married at the Hummingbird House in Templeton, CA.


In April, 2007, Jesse and I were chrismated into the Orthodox Church.


In June, 2007, I graduated from Biola!

Graduation Biola headshot

3 months after I graduated from Biola, Jesse and I moved to Dallas to attend the University of Dallas to get our M.A. degrees.

We spent 4 years in Dallas. I worked in 2 different schools teaching English. I also started my own piano teaching business. I had over 40 students at one point!

In October, 2010, we welcomed our adorable firstborn Gregory, usually referred to as “G”. He was born at a birth center in the heart of Dallas.

Pregnant with Gregory

DSC03178 Gregory Lawrence-333

In August, 2011, Jesse and I moved back to California’s Central Coast to accept English teaching jobs at our old high school. We also found out that we were expecting our second baby boy!

20 weeks

20 weeks

In April, 2012, Anthony (usually referred to as AJ) was born at French Hospital.

anthony-james birth

My two boys bring Jesse and I more joy than anything in the world.

Gregory holding Anthony

Anthony and Gregory, August 2012 Anthony with Gregory 9 months Anthony's 1st Birthday 19 Anthony's 1st Birthday 47

In March, 2013, we bought our very first house together! Bring on the DIY!

Valle 31

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