Play That Funky Music!

Today, as my boss was collecting my attendance sheet, he noticed that my students were in the middle of reading their Medieval Lyric Imitation Poems out loud. After he stayed to listen, he ran to his office. Five minutes later, he returned with some imitation poems HE had previously written. I asked him if I could share them. Here they are:

Imitations of “Play That Funky Music, White Boy!”

Original Version (for comparison):

And they were dancin’, and singin,

And movin’ to the groovin’=

And just when it hit me

Somebody turned around and shouted,

“Play that funky music white boy!

Play that funky music right.

Play that funky music, white boy!

Lay down the boogie, and play that funky music

Till you die!

“T.S. Eliot’s Version”

Someone turning said something about something that should be played.

“Play”, he said. “Play the music. Play the funky music.”

This thing was said to me, and yet I am not Prince.

I am a mere white boy come to check out the show, but– in short– it hit


“Geoffrey Chaucer”:

Whan that it did stryke mee sore-

For that they did danse and singe

And move to groove-

One ther was that turning spake

And crying loud in clarion tone

Quoth he:

Pype to us now, moonfaced minstrel youth,

And let thy songe be low and lurid

Such as inspired for to danse and skippe,

Insinuated hath itself to every lawless joynt and hippe.


Sing now thy bawdy hymns,

Thou pale and milky fellow,

Nor cease thy song that so well pleases

These thine oft companions-

Not, that is, till thou hast lost thy place in the sublunary light

And, making thing end,

Hast quit this mortal coil.


Moreover someone spake unto me saying:

As the fire devours the stubble

And the flame consumes the chaff,

Play the music of the ungodly

O son of Japheth.

Play it in the narrow halls of the Gentiles,

Play it to the joy of the Son of the Morning-

Until thou, too, shalt pull up thy feet and be gathered unto thy fathers.

Clarabelle, the Bravest Puppy Ever

Lately, Clarabelle has taken to chasing Mirabelle around the house. And surprisingly, Mirabelle lets her! Sometimes, they go at it forever, chasing and chasing and chasing. Whenever Mirabelle has had enough, she simply jumps up on a chair to end the game.

Watch this video and you will see why Clarabelle has accomplished what no one else has- being fearless around Mirabelle.

New Years Resolution

Lest this sound like a Curves Ad, I am going to give a preface. This blog post, I’ve determined, is going to be a little bit more personal than normal, mostly because I’ve realized that a lot of my posts are general, about events, or about crazy gay websites. Since I often take the time to be detailed and specific about others, I’ve decided it might be time for something a bit more about me.

As my New Years Resolution, I decided to join Curves. In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a fitness club for women only. Maybe it’s only my experience, but often the stigma attached is one of “this is a place for fat women who are too embarrassed to be around healthy people”. Or maybe that’s the stigma created by my own insecure mind. Regardless, let me take this opportunity to say that Curves isn’t just a place for overweight women. In this past month, I have run into the entire spectrum of weights and fitness levels.

I joined, mainly because I was having a hard time working out all by myself. Jesse and I used to go together, but he has grown busy with school. I realized that if I was going to stay healthy, I was going to have work out consistently in small chunks, instead of sporadically working out for 3 hours once a week.

Curves also holds a certain degree of nostalgia for me. In my senior year of high school, my mother and I joined together. The back story behind this is that I was a psychologically messed up teenager who had just been a willing participant in every eating disorder on the planet. I even invented one, where I would leave lunch meat to go bad and then try to eat it so it would make me sick. Many years later, when I got Campylobactor in France, I suffered the actual effects of this type of food poisoning, and realized what a blessing it was that my “lunch meat spoiling” plan didn’t work.

It was when my mom caught me throwing up with a toothbrush out in the backyard, however, that she realized I was in need of help. We figured out that all of my stress with “Schoolwork Perfectionism” was causing me to want to control my circumstances in any way possible. So my mom and I joined Curves- not only to give me something proactive and healthy to do, but also so that I would have an extra set of eyes to “watch me”. We ended up loving it. It turns out that you can have a lot of interesting conversations when your brain cells feel as though they are being “one-upped” by your muscles.

That’s how we joined. When I got to college, however, I only went with her during the summer, and eventually not at all. But I always looked back on it as the first positive move I made towards being healthy, not self-destructive, with eating and exercising. So naturally, when I was figuring out how to achieve my New Years Resolution, I turned to Curves. Not only is it only $40/mo., but it only takes 30 min 3x/week . My goal was to stay the same weight, eat the same, but become healthier.

So here is my first report, 1 month after joining. I gained 2 pounds (which might have been due to my huge lunch yesterday!) , but lost 3 inches and 1% of body fat! How’s that for healthy?

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

I’m sorry, but you will just have to forgive me. I love looking at beautiful homes that I will never be able to afford. This is probably the most perfect “English Country/Tudor” cottage ” I’ve seen, right in the heart of Downtown Dallas. It’s so immaculately decorated, I saved most of the pictures into my Interior Design file.



Please, can I have a baby room like this?

Please, can I have a baby room like this?

Yes, You CAN Fly!

I am just warning you, you will NEVER be the same after you visit this website. Make sure you visit the fashion and Dorothy/Tink pages. And please, please, read the mission statement.



More About the Tornados

They’ve confirmed that it was a F1 Tornado that touched down in Colleyville on Tuesday night. As far as tornados go, F1s are pretty wimpy. They only reach wind speeds of about 80-100 miles an hour, which is enough to blow over trees and power lines, or perhaps rip the roof or shingles off of a house, but usually don’t cause fatalities. Basically, after a F1, homeowners need to contact their insurance companies about getting a new roof!

Another thing that matters is the width. Our tornado was only a couple hundred yards in width.

Here's what an F1 would look like in the daytime. Notice, it's not even very dark- not enough debris.

Here's what an F1 would look like in the daytime. Notice, it's not even very dark- not enough debris.

However, just an HOUR north of us in Lone Grove Oklahoma, an F4 hit at the same time. F4s are a whole different story. Their windspeeds reach between 210-250 miles an hour! F4s flatten entire towns. Not a building remains in Lone Grove and 8 people have been reported killed. Smaller tornados also ripped through downtown Oklahoma City most of Tuesday night.

Here's a satellite view of the storm

Here's a satellite view of the OK storm. Our storm was one of these thin fingers stretching out from the center.

Contrast the wimpy one we had with an F4!!!

Contrast this F4 with our wimpy F1!

Lone Grove search and rescue taking place yesterday

Lone Grove search and rescue taking place yesterday

It’s hard to believe that all of this occurred just an hour north of us. It is comforting to know, however, that the last big tornado we had was in 2000, and it was only an F2. The most recent before that was an F2 in 1953 that was only a 100 feet wide. Dallas’ weather may be crazy, but we are not in tornado alley. Sure, there have been other strong tornados in Texas, but they occurred out in the flat country-side, far away from large cities.

So, if we have a small tornado every decade, I guess I can handle that. As long as it doesn’t flatten the Anthropologie down the road, I’m ok 🙂


For the past few days, it’s been all over the news- thunderstorms are coming! These usually occur in the spring, but since we’ve had a bit of a heat wave lately (70 degrees yesterday!!), it mixed with the cold winter winds. This always spells trouble- trouble in the form of violent storms.

The storms were supposed to start yesterday, but it was barely sprinkling as I drove in to work. Later in the day, it was even sunny. By the evening, it just felt like a balmy spring night. This was why I didn’t bring my umbrella OR a heavy jacket in with me to my Medieval Lyrics class at UD.

Around 9pm, about 2/3 of the way through my class, our professor grew visibly agitated. Those who were sitting on my side of the room facing the windows could see why- the occasional flash of lightning had ceased to occur every 10 minutes or so and had instead began to flash every 5-10 seconds. The bolts were growing closer and increasing in intensity.

All of a sudden, our professor stopped and said, “Well, this has been fun, but apparently the storm has decided to move in, and I don’t want anyone getting hit by lightning or hail. So, that’s all for tonight.” With that, she quickly gathered her stuff and walked briskly from the room. Everyone else did the same, joking the whole time about how fun it isn’t to drive in the rain.

I looked out the window again, and saw a huge fork of lightning streak across the sky. It was just light enough that I could also see the rain. Or, I should say, torrent of rain. And it was literally going SIDEWAYS. Like it was all caught within a whirlwind.

And that’s when I heard the tornado sirens go off. And I thought, “I’m going to die.”

Well, I didn’t die, I even made it home in one piece. It turns out that something very similar, if not a tornado, touched down in Colleyville. For those of you who know where that is, its 15 miles west of UD and about 2 miles from our house, where my hair salon is.

Here’s a picture of some of the damage that occurred:


Since the storm was moving east, however, by the time the storm hit UD the tornado had already happened. In other words, Jesse, who was at home, had already experienced the storm by the time I heard the sirens. So when I immediately called him in a panic, he knew what I was talking about. Since it was a very narrow storm, only about 10 miles across, it had already stopped raining at home where Jesse was.

But where I was at UD, it was torrential. Just picture buckets of water going sideways, with lightning every 5 seconds and winds that sounded like a locomotive. They said the wind reached 88 miles an hour.

But true to what Jesse had said, 10 minutes later I was able to run to the car without barely even getting wet. Driving home was hazardous, only because there was so much water on the road that I couldn’t see the lane lines. I even went through a puddle that washed a wall of water over my sunroof and down the other side.

But I am safe. And grateful. Whew, Texas weather is exciting!

My 23rd Mac-N-Cheese Birthday Party

Last night, Jesse threw me a birthday party. He invited all of our closest friends here in Texas and asked them each to bring their favorite mac-n-cheese dish. Michael went all out and tried to replicate the Mac-n-Cheese squared from the Yardhouse. I have to say, it was pretty tasty.

The special guest at the party was my new puppy, Clarabelle, who had been dropped off only minutes before the party began. Jesse and I spent the entire weekend shopping for supplies for her, even making the Unruhs wait for us at Chilis Saturday night while we went to PetSmart.

In accordance with Clarabelle, the party was puppy-themed. It was supposed to be bird-themed, in honor of the decorations that dominate our house, but we couldn’t find anything bird-like at Party City.

I am so blessed to have such fun and wonderful friends. Thank you all for coming!

Pawprint balloons


Meet Clarabelle!

Meet Clarabelle!

Too much cuteness for one picture

Too much cuteness for one picture

Lovin' on Clarabelle

Lovin' on Clarabelle

Anna and I are making faces. She is seriously the most beautiful baby girl I've ever seen

Anna and I are making faces. She is seriously the most beautiful baby girl I've ever seen

This cake was $35 but worth every penny! An oreo crust, a layer of rum-soaked chocolate, chocolate mouse, and cheescake, wrapped in chocolate butter cream!

This cake was $35 but worth every penny! An oreo crust, a layer of rum-soaked chocolate, chocolate mouse, and cheescake, wrapped in chocolate butter cream!

Group picture in party hats!

Group picture in party hats!

Clarabelle gets tired out easily....

Clarabelle gets tired out easily....


Today, Ms. Tana brought the puppies to school, so I got to hang out with Clarabelle in my room. You should see her run, since she was the fattest puppy, she only learned how to walk a week or two ago. So when she runs…she goes sideways:)

Here she is! The one and only Clarabelle!

Here she is! The one and only Clarabelle!


We are friends 🙂

I can’t wait to bring her home!

Birthday Present!

I have been unable to talk about it on a public forum until now, but I would like to tell you about the birthday present Jesse got me.

Last night, as I was watching the tail end of an episode of Friends after a 3 hr. class at UD, Jesse handed me a big gift bag. Inside was a tiny dog collar and dogfood.

That’s right! We’re getting a dog! On Friday, Ms. Tana, the Kindergarten teacher, brought 4 beautiful malti-poo puppies to work for her class to see. 3 of the 4 were already spoken for, so that left all the adoring parents to fight over who got to buy the 4th.

I, of course, didn’t find out about the puppies until after chapel. By that time, there was a waiting list for that 4th puppy. I told Tana that I would be interested. She said it was a long shot since so many other people wanted to buy her.

As the afternoon drew to a close, the waiting list grew shorter and shorter, as moms returned with “No” s from their husbands. So I called Jesse and told him about the puppy.

At first, he was ecstatic that I finally wanted a puppy instead of a cat. He has been wanting a canine of some sort ever since we got our crazy cat Mirabelle. But he wasn’t too sure about the responsibility or committment involved. And that was before I mentioned that she was $200. And that she would only grow to be around 10 1bs. (which is half the size of our cat!).

At around 4 pm Friday afternoon, Tana called and left a message on my voicemail saying that I was next on the waiting list.

So, after many conversations, a visit to see the puppy at Tana’s house on Saturday night, and research about shots and “potty training”, I didn’t know if Jesse was going to go for it. I knew we had time- the puppy was only 6 weeks and still needed to be weaned- and I knew that Jesse thought she was incredibly adorable, but I didn’t feel secure.

So this present meant a lot. It meant that Jesse had made this decision on his own, without me pushing him into it (I NUDGED, not pushed!) , and that it really was a gift from him for my birthday.

I don’t have an picture of the actual puppy yet, who were are calling “Clarabelle” for the time being (the next pet we get will have to be Anabelle!), but I do have a picture of a Maltipoo that looks almost exactly like ours. Picture this color, but with more white spots around the neck and nose.

Too cute!

Too cute!

But the best present was when Jesse woke up in the middle of the night (I always go to bed later than he does!) and whispered, “Honey, I’m so glad that you were born.” Simple, but it felt like the best present of all 🙂