Rock Wall Patio

I think this is a cool way to make a rock wall for your patio! What do you think? Too low budget?

patio rock wall

Boeing 727 Hotel in Costa Rica!

Next time you’re in Costa Rica (haha), stay in this awesome hotel suite made from a Boeing 727! It’s $400-500/night, but it does sleep 6 people…almost attainable!

airplane hotel

airplane hotel 2

airplane hotel 3

airplane hotel 4

airplane hotel 5

Focus North America

I found this video about Orthodox Ministries to be pretty touching. Jesse even teared up a bit 🙂

More of the Topher Photoshoot

I am only posting the ones of Topher and I. You will have to go to Courtney’s blog for the rest of them (and believe me, you should!).

Courtney's Favorite

Courtney's Favorite

Jesse's Favorite (I think it looks like a sunscreen commercial for sun damage)

Jesse's Favorite (I think it looks like a sunscreen commercial for sun damage)

My Favorite :)

My Favorite 🙂


Best of Craigslist

Don’t bother going to the “Best of Craigslist” page, it’s actually filled with a lot of disgusting stuff. But I did manage to find a couple funny ads as I was browsing the “free” section.

Need a place to stay?

Rustic 1 Bedroom

Date: 2009-04-20, 3:18PM EDT

As summer is approaching that means the weather outside is getting nicer, which means I have an extra room for rent. Do you like the outdoors, wood paneling, porta-poties? Then I have the perfect room for you. I just cleaned and swept out the tree house in my backyard. It is level to the second story of my house on a very sturdy tree. It has a plastic door, solid roof, and a durable rope ladder. It also has a pully system so you can pull up items that you don’t feel comfortable carrying on the rope ladder. The tree house has a bedroom (comes furnished with a mattress) which is separate from the common area (comes furnished with a beanbag). As for the kitchen, you may want to eat out. You can use the separate entrance to my backyard where it is located. This DOES NOT mean you have free access to my backyard though. What you are renting is the room at this is it. It is okay to use the backyard but keep it mind that first and foremost, it is mine.

Please, applicants under 160lbs only please. It is a sturdy building but lets not take any chances.

Need a coffee table?

free coffee table (balch springs)

Date: 2009-06-26, 3:29PM CDT

It was a victim of the divorce. It used to have a smoked mirror top on it, but, like I said, a victim of divorce. The base is still in good shape, It is a a matte black with a small gold trim. You must come pick up.

You Want the Table? You Can’t Handle the Table!

Date: 2009-04-25, 10:02AM PDT

It’s big, heavy, and ugly. You can’t kill it; you can’t even frighten it. It’s 6X3X3 feet tall, with two tiers and three drawers that work. It’s sheet metal and angle iron, welded together with testosterone.

Run a monster truck over it. Tape explosives to it. Launch it a quarter mile with a (big) trebuchet. Play the Anvil Chorus on it with sledgehammers for an hour. It will mock you.

I’m a beaten man. Just get it out of my garage. Bring your friends

And, the Winner!!!

1986 toyota camry custom

Date: 2009-05-20, 8:04PM MST

1986 toyota camry

custom made with heavy duty cardboard body kit

runs good fast and fun

custom cardboard hoodscoop and rear spoiler for

super aerodynamic

15 inch chrome rims

comes with pink sandle air freshner for odor control

flame and dragon decals

awful car

Rock vs. Hop-hop

This dance was by far the best of the night. It’s Cher vs. 50 cent, and while her costume is a bit on the sketchy side…the dancing is awesome!

Modern Cave Dwelling

You pretty much just have to see this to believe it. A family of 5 lives in a 17,000 square foot home built 45 feet below ground in Missouri. Check it out!



Topher Photoshoot!

This last Saturday, Topher had a photoshoot with the same lady who did my family’s Thanksgiving portraits. You can read more on Courtney’s blog. You can also see bigger versions on the photographer’s blog.

I am sure that I’m biased, but Topher just might be the cutest baby in the world.

He looks like such a little man in this one!

He looks like such a little man in this one!

Love his facial expression in this one...

Love his facial expression in this one...

Untied it...

Untied it...

I wonder what he's thinking...

I wonder what he's thinking...

Family Photo :)

Family Photo 🙂

Craigslist, My New Best Friend

In anticipation of moving to our new place which has a living area conducive to more furniture, I decided to go about researching what I would like for additional seating. I decided that rather than get another couch, I’d like the flexibility that comes with separated chairs.

I only meant to look…

honest, I did…

but I ran across a great deal…

and lo and behold….

we got two leather wingback chairs and an ottoman for only….

Get ready for it…


Not only are they in near perfect condition (I did have to wipe some dust out of the button holes), but they are also the PERFECT complimentary blue for our living room!

Thank you Craigslist, I am forever yours!

Jesse, channeling his inner G.K. Chesterton

Jesse, channeling his inner G.K. Chesterton

Favorite Photos of the Day

Broken Balcony

Broken Balcony



What a cool wedding picture!

What a cool wedding picture!