Momiform– Boyfriend Jeans

I’m sorry, but every mom needs a pair of boyfriend jeans in her arsenal. They are SO soft, SO comfortable, and they go with everything.

I’d wear them as pjs, but that’d just be weird.

Momiform bf jeans 4

Momiform bf jeans 1

Shirt: Nordstroms, Pants: Paige Denim Jimmy, Belt: New York & Co., Shoes: Target, Necklace: Lisa Leonard Designs

Momiform bf jeans 2 Momiform bf jeans 3


Most days, it’s tough to find 30 minutes to myself. That’s why I have a few things that I call the “Momiform”.

Essentials of the Momiform:

Easy to pull on t-shirt

Stretchy Jeans for bending, running and picking up toys from everywhere

Flats– never heels unless you want to break yourself in many places

Hair– Up high, 5 minutes or less to do, nothing that the kids can pull on.

Momiform Blog 3

Momiform Blog 4

Momiform Blog 7

Momiform Blog 5

Jesse, please make me some rice mac and cheese? PWEEESE????

Momiform Blog 2


Oh, come on, every mom has this face! Has else can you get the kids husband to do what you want?

Summer Vacay thus far

We’ve been super busy thus far this summer!

We’ve attended two weddings:

The Sobey Wedding: (side note: I cried when the groom also presented rings to the bride’s two little girls, symbolizing how he was becoming their father).

Sobey Wedding 5

All of their kids below them

Sobey Wedding 1 Sobey Wedding 3 Sobey Wedding 4


The Brooks Wedding:

Brooks Wedding 4

The only photo of the couple that I could steal from Facebook, since they are still not letting any wedding pictures be posted!

Brooks Wedding 1

With my high school friend Stephanie and her two month old baby! BABY FEVER, I tell you!

Brooks Wedding 2

Me with my boss

Brooks Wedding 3

Gregory flat out refused to dance with me, and instead bopped to the beat by himself in a corner



We had my niece Rachel’s Graduation Party:

Rachels Grad Party 1

3 legged race!

Rachel's Grad Party 2

As you can see, Jesse and I were WAYYY behind everyone else. Next to us is my brother in law David and my (future?) sister in law, Emily!

Rachel's Grad Party 3

AJ was too pooped to party and fell asleep on Aunt Janelle’s lap



Last but not least, we’ve been to the beach twice and plan on going again this Friday!

School Beach Day 2

At Pismo Beach with our school

Avila Beach Day 2

At Avila Beach last week with just our lil fam


Avila Beach Day 1

Right here, you see the difference between my children. Gregory is screaming with joy, and Anthony is howling in terror.

Avila Beach Day 3

Due to Anthony’s fear of the waves, he and I spent most of the time watching from a safe distance, eating sand

Avila Beach Day 4

Gregory definitely got knocked around by a few waves

Avila Beach Day 5

Dadda and Gregory playing catch


We have many more summer trips planned, including *a trip to LA (next week), * a trip to Sacramento/San Francisco (the following week), * another trip to LA when the Unruhs are in town, * a family trip to north Seattle (possibly), and a * trip out to TX (possibly). Oh, and Big Sur camping! Can’t forget that!

Love Affair

I might have had a minor obsession with handstands my whole life…









Kinda ridiculous, if you ask me.

Life Lately, According to my iPhone

Anthony books 11.5 months

Someone just discovered books

Anthony highchair 11.5 months

…and how to get out of his highchair

Gregory midnight wakeup 3:2013

A little midnight cuddle. He came down the stairs, half awake, and said, “G’morning, Mama!”

Gregory scab nose 3:2103

Life with boys– he got wild and fell down the stairs! Scared us half to death

Gregory:Dadda fort 3:2013

The boys made a fort! Entertained G for hours

Gregory at table March 2013

This kid has always LOVED food

Gregory with Dadda's gloves March 2013

Playing with Dadda’s new yard gloves

Gregory with smoothie 3:2013

Green smoothies– hey, it’s how I get him to eat Spinach and Kale!

Gregory with toys 3:2013

A day with toys

A Visit

This weekend, Ben and Buddy came to visit us. Here are just a few highlights:

Gregory showing his tummy 3:2013

Gregory hammed it up all weekend

Daou Arch Gate smaller

We went wine tasting at Daou Vineyards


You can see why people like coming here to hang out and enjoy a glass of wine! They also sell food and cheese pairings (or you can just bring a picnic lunch!).

Wine Tasting 4

A view from the parking lot

Wine Tasting 3

Buddy and Jesse, not sure what to expect


Wine Tasting 1

They had lounge chairs everywhere in order to enjoy the view

Wine Tasting 2

The view was almost as amazing as the wine

Gregory and Uncle Buddy 3:2013

After picking up the kids from my parents, we all went home, ate dinner and read books



Living in the New House

We have now been in our new house for 12 days. 12 whole days!! It’s hard to believe how the time has flown.

While the journey it took to get here was miserable (I officially hate house hunting!), it is SOO worth it now. I’ve never known the wonderful feeling of actually owning where we live, and it’s incredible. Jesse feels it too. He’s been Mr. Fixit man around here, installing curtains, our washer and dryer, our BRAND NEW stove (yay!), brackets, shelves, you name it. In fact, he did so much work last Monday that the power drill, fully charged at the beginning of the day, had run out of battery by the evening. And he kept going anyways, doing things by hand. Seriously!

Also, our place looks good. Really good. I’ve been dreaming it up in my head for a long time now, and I was afraid that all of the calculations wouldn’t turn out how I’d envisioned. Nope, it’s all more awesome than I could’ve realized. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get a chance!

We’ve met a few neighbors, and love that we have 10-15 kids living all around us! What a cool neighborhood this is!

Deer in yard

If you can see past the sprinkler stains on the window, you can see our deer family!

And then there’s the wildlife…we are only a TWO MINUTE drive from the largest street and shopping center in our city, a THREE MINUTE drive from the freeway, and only a FIVE minute drive from where we both work, and yet….it feels like we’re out in the middle of nowhere. It’s so quiet, so peaceful, with just woods and trees all around us. Our house is on a little over 1/2 an acre, and we have so many deer and squirrels that come to play in our front yard. Every morning, Gregory eats breakfast while watching the family of deer that comes to rest on our lawn. It’s adorable (also, we will be building a deer fence around some of it so I can have my garden! Stay tuned!).

Basically, we love it here. We couldn’t be more grateful for God handing us this wonderful place after so much searching and heartache.

Cambria Day Trip

Due to our 3 day weekend (teaching holidays=awesomeness!), we decided to head to Cambria for the day. Being only a 30 min. drive away, it really is a shame we don’t go here more often, especially since it’s known as one of the prettiest places in all of CA.

Also, the day could not have been more perfect. 66 degrees and sunny!

First, we went to Moonstone Beach and ate a picnic.

The view from our picnic bench

The view from our picnic bench

Once we were done eating, we hiked down to the rocks, babies and all!

Cambria Trip 18

We finally learned how to use the panoramic function on our iphones. About time!!!

Cambria Trip 17

We found a little crab

Cambria Trip 16

It was low tide, so we were able to walk all over the beach and rocks

Cambria Trip 20

Our gorgeous girl

Cambria Trip 15


Cambria Trip 13

Gregory could not stop talking during all of this. He was so thrilled with all the scenery!

After our walk on the beach, we took a small hike/walk into the trees and to another lookout point.

Cambria Trip 19

Again, isn’t this function on the iPhone AWESOME?

After we tired the boys out, we went in search of a hole-in-the-wall cookie bakery that we’d heard rave reviews about. It’s the oddest little place, tucked into a STORAGE facility, of all places, but it was beyond worth it. For $12, we got 8 of the BEST cookies I’ve ever eaten. Seriously. They are already starting to franchise the business after just 2 years because they’ve been so wildly successful!

The label on the side says it all

The label on the side says it all

Cambria Trip 9

Didn’t believe me when I said it was in a storage facility?

Cambria Trip 8

He said that often, they have so much business that they have to hide their signs! And people still come!

Cambria Trip 7

Red Moose Bakery Mascot

Cambria Trip 6

These cookies definitely lived up to their name!

Cambria Trip 5

We also got lemon…oh man, were they good!

Cambria Trip 4

Caitlin could not believe how amazing they were!

All 3 kids fell asleep shortly after we left the bakery, so Jesse and I decided to drive 15 minutes up the coast to the place where he proposed!

7.5 years since he gave me my gorgeous ring!

7.5 years since he gave me my gorgeous ring!

Kelly's ring 2013

I like remembering the day he gave it to me 🙂 Today, I got to tell Caitlin all about it and walk her to the very spot! She claims she wants to have her wedding here someday.

Cambria Trip 3

It’s easy to see why people love to come here!

Cambria Trip 1

One more shot out the window as we drive

Family Photo Shoot– The Favorites

The photos are finally in! I had around 60 favorites, but I had to choose just a few for this post. Here is a link to the rest of my favorites!

family photo shoot 2012 5

This photo was definitely Jesse’s idea

family photo shoot 2012 7

Just the girls

family photo shoot 2012 9

The official Cone Family 2012 pic!

family photo shoot 2012 15

The two cutest boys in existence

family photo shoot 2012 19

My beautiful boy

family photo shoot 2012 20

Baby Wee!

family photo shoot 2012 29

If you’ve ever seen a family photo shoot of ours, we have to have a jumping picture. Always.

family photo shoot 2012 40


family photo shoot 2012 42


family photo shoot 2012 48

Married for 28+ years!

family photo shoot 2012 53

He is so beautiful. I can’t believe he’s my kid!

family photo shoot 2012 68

Or take this ball of sunshine? What did I do to deserve him?

Family Photo Shoot Part 2

Here are some more previews of our photo shoot yesterday (btw, anyone got any ideas for how to get babies/toddlers to smile???).

Family Photo Shoot 2 Family Photo Shoot 3 Family Photo Shoot 4 Family Photo Shoot 5 Family Photo Shoot 7 Family Photo Shoot 8