Tonight I made bookshelf labels using an old Scrabble Set that we had lying around (Jesse’s Greek Class had planned on making a Greek alphabet version of the game).

Check them out! I ran out of letters to make labels for every shelf, so I’ll have to find another game.

scrabble bookshelf 6

scrabble bookshelf 1

scrabble bookshelf 2

scrabble bookshelf 3

scrabble bookshelf 4

Best of Glee, 9/23

If you are my friend, or even a decent person for that matter, you watched Glee last night.

Here are just two of the best moments, just in case you feel like re-living them.

The first is the full single (as opposed to the shortened version in the show) of Lea Michele (Rachel) singing a Celine Dion song. Already, many people are saying they like this cover better than the original.

The second is the Beyonce/Football scene. You know the one. Totally unrealistic. Totally worth it.

In case you don’t know what Glee is making fun of, it’s this video by Beyonce. You know. The same one that Kanye West made such a big deal about at the VMA Awards.

THE MOST Stunning Bride EVER!

You might remember that a few months ago I attended and played piano for my cousin Heidi’s wedding in CA. I finally saw her wedding photos on Facebook, and let me tell you, she is, in my opinion, the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen! I mean, on a typical day, Heidi’s already gorgeous- she has that perfect Dark Beauty quality that so many girls dream about. Catch her on her wedding day, however, after she’d been waiting to marry Kyle for 4 years, and she’s radiant.

If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself!

This one takes my breath away!

This one takes my breath away!

I love what good photography can do- turns a memory into art!

I love what good photography can do- turns a memory into art!

heidi 11

Love this- so vintage

Love this- so vintage

This picture is so fun- you can even see her skull and crossbones garter

This picture is so fun- you can even see her skull and crossbones garter

Again- so fun!

Again- so fun!

And super sweet!

And super sweet!

Battle of the 8 year olds

I know this may be old news, but it’s something that still interests me: Who do you think was better at the age of eight?

Britney Spears?

Christina Aguilera?


Serena and Lily

In case we all become millionaires someday, let me just share the most valuable three words you will ever hear. Serena. and. Lily. A brand of wonderful sheets and linens that will make your heart sing.

As if that wasn’t already the greatest thing ever, they’ve just expanded their line to include furniture and house decor!

Take this gorgeous chair:


Actually, you should do yourself a favor and check out a MUCH bigger picture at their actual site.  I will not bore you with the ghastly details concerning things like the price (hey, who cares about those minor details?) , but it’s safe to say that this may be the best chair your bum will ever get to sit in.

So there. Once you win the lottery and want to furnish your house, you can thank me.

The World

You may have seen this before, but I thought it was funny!