Although this happened a few days ago, I wanted to write it down so that someday, when Gregory is a teenager, I can remember.

Tuesday night, Gregory woke up at 4am screaming his head off. Because I was nursing Anthony at the time (welcome to my life), I asked Jesse to get up and comfort him. “He must’ve had a nightmare,” I said, because I could tell from his screaming that he wasn’t just uncomfortable, he was terrified.

I heard Jesse pick him up and hold him. A few minutes later, I heard Jesse try to walk him back into his room. Every time he stepped foot in the door, Gregory flipped out again, scared to death.

So Jesse brought Gregory back to our bed. It was the first time in months that Gregory had slept between us, and even though I almost always have Anthony asleep beside me, I was really happy to have Gregory there with us. I really miss those days when he would stay still long enough to snuggle.

He was shaking head to toe. I tried to calm him down with a few hugs and kisses, but the only thing that worked was putting my hand in his.

I’ll never forget how tight he grabbed my hand, still shaking from his nightmare. Eventually, his breathing slowed down and he was calm enough to sleep.

And that’s how we fell asleep. Gregory snuggled between us, holding my hand for dear life.

He may be an independent toddler, often saying, “No hug!” when I ask.

But he still knows that Mommy will always be there to comfort him when life gets scary. I hope that he never forgets that.

And I hope I never forget that he needs it.

30 Rock

Just recently, I’ve become obsessed with the show, 30 Rock. If you like Tina Fey’s comedic style, even a teensy bit, you will love this show!

Here’s a sample clip from the last episode that made me laugh till I cried.

American Idol 2013

Don’t ask me how I ran across this.

This girl won Montana’s statewide American Idol competition to see the 2012 finale. Rumor has it that she auditioned this year for American Idol 2013….

I gotta say…if this girl is on it? I might actually watch this season! She’s incredible!

7 months postpartum

I haven’t done any updates on postpartum progress in a while.

Due to all the stress and crazy shenanigans in my life, I have only exercised once in the last month. So that belly bump isn’t quite gone yet. Oh well, perhaps when my life calms down? Or maybe I’ll just buy some Spanx.

Anthony 6.5 month letter

Dear Baby Wee,

Mommy has been a little late in writing you this letter. Good thing she takes notes throughout the month!

First of all, let Mommy stress to you– you are pretty much the easiest baby ever. You still have yet to be sick or have any trouble nursing. Most of the time, you are content to sit in your bouncer or lay on a blanket for tummy time. If you decide you’re fussy, holding you on someone’s lap cures the problem, 99% of the time. Except for your diaper blowouts (more on that later), you require less maintenance than our family dog! The fact that you hardly ever “demand” attention makes Mommy want to love you all the more 🙂

Case in point, you just fell asleep, toy giraffe in your face, despite all the yelling from your brother!

You are such a socially aware baby. When someone in the room laughs, you laugh. If someone in the room is scared, you show it. If your brother is crying, you cry too. In fact, you watch your brother so intensely nowadays, that pretty much whatever he is doing or saying, you are trying to mimic it. He can make you laugh, anytime, by just coming up and putting his head on your belly (!)

Content to chew on your fingers

You HATE loud noises. The other day, Mommy turned on the blowdryer, and you jumped a foot, then started sobbing hysterically, watching her the whole time with terrified eyes. When she turned it off and came over to comfort you, you jabbered on and on, angry and sputtering, as though you were trying to tell her how that noise was NOT OKAY with you.

You still take the cake for the saddest pouty face around here!

You still have not had any solid foods, but you are a champion nurser! You get your fill in under 5 minutes nursing– such a time saver for Mommy not to have to pump, clean any bottles, or steam any veggies! You will be starting solids soon though, sometime after you get to 7 or 8 months, so be ready!

As a result of being 100% breastfed your entire life, you have the runniest yellow poo…sorry to be so graphic, but cleaning up after your poop explosions is a large part of your parents’ lives. Your diapers don’t stand a chance– the runny stuff goes right up your back, all over your sleeper. Mommy can’t count the hours she’s used rinsing and stain treating your sleepers! Sometimes, you go through 3-4 outfits in a day!

Chewing on your favorite toy

You are definitely Mommy’s cuddler, and just want to be held, 24-7. This doesn’t mean you aren’t eager to do your tummy-time– you are actually quite content to lay on your tummy and reach/squirm for toys (Sophie the giraffe is your definite favorite). Just this last week, you started pushing your knees underneath your belly and launching yourself forward! You can get around the living room, little by little now! Mommy thinks we officially have a crawler on our hands!

Pushing up to crawl! We call this your “Mr. Magoo” face.

As a result of being Mommy’s cuddler, you still co-sleep every night. You start off in your co-sleeper, from about 8pm-12am. Putting you to bed is either the easiest thing ever (you sing yourself to sleep), or takes tons of pats on the back while you make a funny groaning noise that we call the “squeaky door”. Then, you nurse for a few minutes at midnight, usually right when Mommy is coming to bed. Then, at around 3am, you get fed again, only this time you stay in Mommy’s bed and cuddle. Somewhere between 8-8:30am, you and Mommy get up for good. After that, you usually take a nap from 11:30-2:30, and then another between 5-6pm.

You are an absolutely radiant ball of sunshine in the mornings!

You are super talkative! When we come up to you, you definitely try to say, “Hi”, even though it comes out as “Haaa!” But you do it consistently, so I would have to say that it is probably your first word (I love that about your personality!). You also say, “Dadda” when he is near, so that is probably a close second! You look people straight in the eye and babble about lots of things. You sing along in church, which is super cute (and also a little embarrassing when it’s during a quiet time!).

A picture Mommy snapped as you were chattering away one morning!

You are no longer GINORMOUS for your age, falling right into mid-range weight at just shy of 19 pounds at your 6 month appt. You wear all 12 month clothing now, but more because of your height than your chub. You still have the cutest rolls on your thighs. Whenever they’re tickled, you laugh uproariously! In fact, you just love to laugh. Just giving you a look, sometimes, is all it takes, and then it becomes a game that we do, over and over again!

Your adorable laugh

Last week was your first Halloween! You were the cutest little elephant, and spent the evening being held by your Nana while we all Trick-or-Treated.

You look so cute here that one of my 8th grade students said, “This picture makes me want to have a baby! And I’m not even 14!” Yikes, watch out, Anthony! The girls are already noticing you!

Little guy,  your Daddy and Mommy have said several times that if it weren’t for your adorable brother, we would have no qualms calling you the cutest baby we’d ever seen, in ALL honesty. Some of it is definitely your personality, as all your facial expressions are so unique! People everywhere say to us, “You guys, he is SOO CUTE!”.

We love you so much, Baby Wee. Your babyhood, thus far, has been so much fun to be a part of!



Halloween 2012

I have to say, Gregory made one hecka-cute giraffe!

Playing with some toys as we got ready to go. Once we put the costume on, and he saw himself in the mirror (smirking the whole time!) he never once tried to take it off

My mom saved my old cheerleading uniform from high school 2001!

Poppa got the honor of taking Gregory house to house while we took pictures! Gregory yelled, “MOE CAN-DEE! MOE CAN-DEE!” super loud, in between each and every house. It was hilarious!



Nanna got to hold a super cute elephant 🙂


Adorable munchkin alert!

He pretty much hummed or slept on her shoulder for most of the evening

We met up with some friends and formed ourselves a little circus safari! One girl walked by and said, “Mom, it’s a PETTING ZOO!!”

Gregory was definitely eating the chocolate through the wrapper. His love for candy completely overran any logic.



Later, Gregory, on a total sugar high, crashed and fell into his toy bucket, after which he could not get out. I imagine real giraffes feel the same way.