Tupperware Takeover

Do you ever feel like your plastic Tupperware is taking over your cupboard?? Tupperware and I have had lifelong enmity– it should’ve been right there in Genesis: “And there will be enmity between you, Tupperware and the woman”. I know my mom felt this way, because she always paid me 50 cents to organize her Tupperware drawer, probably because she couldn’t stand to look at it.

For me, unorganized and scattered Tupperware is the EPITOME of futility. Here, you have all these containers that could be OH SO HELPFUL! if only you could find the right lid! And if you can’t find the right lid, it’s absolutely pointless to use one. And in order to FIND the right lid, you spend 10 minutes searching, which essentially eliminates the practical aspect! And for some reason, every time you unload the dishwasher, the top is NEVER with the bottom, so you end up helpless, throwing them in to the ever growing mountain-slide of Tupperware taking over your cabinet. You can’t put the lids ON to store them, because they won’t stack, but you can’t stack them, because THEY’RE ALL DIFFERENT sizes! For convenience sake! It’s like Weight-Watchers meets Russian nesting dolls. Good grief.

Does anyone else feel this way? I tell you, whenever I think about my Tupperware cabinet, it makes me want to give up and eat a bucket of icecream. Anyone want to earn 50 cents?

Savings FUNd

Recently, I started babysitting about 10 hours a week for a family that lives next door to several of my piano students. The mom was in need of someone who was flexible and wanted a small amount of hours– normally, daycare centers require that you at least pay for more than 10 hours a week.

So, I told the mother that I could take the job for as long as I can, seeing as I have other priorities such as schoolwork and my piano students. Both of the children, ages 6 mo. and 2 yrs., are very well behaved. The baby girl sleeps around 1/2 of the time that I’m there, and the little boy loves to play with his toys while the tv is on. Most of my duties revolve around a few diapers and making peanut butter sandwiches with sprinkles.

For right now, it’s an extra $100/week, paid to me in cash. Instead of depositing it, Jesse and I have decided to put it away into a safe box and let it accumulate. We have yet to do something nice for our anniversary, so I’d love it if we could use it for a vacation and some nice jewelry(??). So far, we only have $200 in cash in there right now. If the Mustang breaks or something goes wrong and our savings can’t handle it, of course the fund will have to be used towards that. But until then, I can hope!! Does anyone have any good vacation suggestions?

Sentimental Things

I just found the funniest article on one of my organizational blogs, entitled, “Small Notebook”. It’s a great blog for pack-rat people like me. I love the picture at the end– it made both Jesse and I crack up.

Do you feel sentimental about your stuff?

I love this scene in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Toula’s about to get married, and the grandmother brings in one box of her most precious things to share with her granddaughter.

Inside the box are old photos, heirloom jewelry, and a wedding garland.

These keepsakes have been carefully chosen and treasured, and each item carries significantly personal meaning.

But what if instead of one simple box, the scene in the movie had taken place here:

In front of her storage unit, with all of her life’s possessions carefully boxed and stored so that one day her granddaughter could inherit all of it and always remember her.

Not quite the same feeling, is it?

When it comes to keeping sentimental things:

the fewer things you keep, the more special they are.

You can read the rest of the article here:

My Piano Students Love Me!

Aside from all the yummy Valentines presents, including lots of home-made cookies, cards, a flower pot, and even a $10 gift card to Starbucks, today one of my long time favorite families presented me with a “Piano Teacher Care Package” that they had all assembled for me. Completely made my day!!

Inside this CUTE music bag: Stickers, Kleenex, Protein Powder Mix (my students know about my recent health kick), Post It Notes, Colored Gel Pens, Twistable Crayons and Colored Pencils, Markers, Highlighters, Pencils, and even some hand sanitizer.

Now all I need are my personalized, “Kelly Cone” piano pencils someone else gave me for Christmas, and I will look like I take myself WAAAYYY too seriously!

Handbell Performances

St. Peter’s Classical School, the place I go on Fridays to teach music, just posted (front and center!) one of the handbell performances from our Christmas-time event “Lessons and Carols”. Not only did I teach the kids, but I also arranged the music for all 3 songs. All 3 are popular Christmas songs, so I could have found free handbell music somewhere, but the problem was our bells are very limited– only 3 octaves!– and our classes were not very big. So I soon found that arranging the music for myself would allow me to accommodate both of these restraints.

Here is Level 3 (5th-6th grade), playing “The First Noel”:

Level 2 (3rd-4th grade) playing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”:

Level 1 (1st grade) playing ” O Come O Come Emmanuel”. This group was by far the hardest to teach…you’re not supposed to even touch the brass part of the bells with your fingers, since the oil makes the bells eventually go out of tune. These kids would put their MOUTHS on them….I was beside myself most of the time. Add on to that their lack of muscle control, especially when it comes to a quick FLICK of the wrist instead of a THROW!!  If you can’t hear a few bells, it’s not because they messed up, but because they played so quietly that the camera speaker could not pick up the sound from where Jesse was in the balcony.

Old Spice

Old Spice just came out with a few hilARious commercials…if you haven’t seen this, check it out. Jesse and I were speechless.


My mommy really knows the kind of small gifts and notes that totally make my day. I love it!

Jars of Cuteness- Update

The jars of cuteness have finally found their home in my home.

Breakfast Time!

To ward off the impending depression over the 80% melted snow, I went to Crate and Barrel this afternoon to spend a gift card Courtney gave me for my birthday. I was able to get 2 of the cutest mugs!!

They say, "Breakfast" on them!

I figured they could be the gift that keeps on giving. I can have friends over for some morning coffee! It’s not that I couldn’t before– these are just the inspiration.

Who knew inspiration could be so darn cute??

More snow….and more snow!!!

They are saying that we received at least a foot of snow yesterday, the first time in 20+ years. Crazy.

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I’ve seen snow before, really I have. Every year, my parents would rent a cabin and we would go spend the weekend up at Shaver Lake, sledding and playing in the snow.

But it’s different when it happens to a place that you love, your home. Completely different than “visiting” snow, it’s like seeing your everyday place in a whole different light.

This is definitely how it felt yesterday, when the snow continued into the early am. 24 hours solid of snowing!!! Now, you might ask, how do we know that it didn’t stop until this time?? Well, in order to celebrate the fact that both Michael and I didn’t have work today (Friday) due to closed schools, the Unruhs came over and stayed until 3am. We lit a fire (which set off the smoke detectors!), drank tea,coffee and beer, ate cinnamon rolls and Bluebell ice-cream, and watched Robin Hood Men in Tights. The boys even made a “glacier” sized snowball out by the pool. When it got too heavy to keep rolling, they tossed it into the pool where it floated like a glacier for some time. All of this hanging out occurred after Courtney and I basically spent the entire morning together, shopping for piano books and drinking Starbucks. Jesse was available to watch Topher so that we could have our girls’ day out– he loved being “Uncle Jesse” and taking Topher to play in the snow all afternoon.

Anyways, check out the difference between these pictures Jesse took and the ones I posted yesterday morning.

Claire and Jesse, hanging out on the porch reading

Courtney knocking pictures off the wall while trying to fan smoke away from the detectors. Doesn't she look super guilty? 🙂

Where the freeway used to be..:)

I think Jesse takes excellent pictures