a dance…about babysitting!

I just HAD to post this dance from tonight’s SYTYCD episode! Napoleon and Tabitha (our favorite choreographers) are about to have a baby, so they created a dance routine that perfectly captures the craziness that is trying to get a baby to go to sleep. It’s absolutely brilliant. If you wanna laugh your face off (and, if you’re a parent, cry a little inside), you should watch this!

Dallas Auditions

Jesse and I stumbled across this audition from this year’s So You Think You Can Dance. This 29 year old stay at home mom from McKinney (30 min. north of where we used to live) brought her children with her to audition, and let’s just say….TV GOLD ensued. Wait until the very end for the best part! 🙂

Best Solo EVER

Jesse and I have watched this girl’s 20 second solo dance at least a dozen times. I posted a dance of hers a few weeks back, quoting the head judge who said that she may be the best female dancer to ever grace the show. Jesse and I agree– she’s simply better than anyone in all 8 seasons. Hands down (in our book).

Even more incredible, they say that she thought of this solo just moments before she performed it. At the end of the video, Cat Deely (the host) says that during the commercial break, she saw Melanie with headphones on in the corner backstage, quickly trying to choreograph it! Amazing, seeing as most of the contestants work on them long in advance.

LXD, Bernini’s Angels

Even if you’re not a fan of So You Think You Can Dance, you will like this. Guaranteed. It will blow your mind.

This is from the lead director/choreographer, Christopher Scott, of the LXD mini web series (League of Extraordinary Dancers), a story about the fight between good and evil, told through dance. He even dances in it himself.

First Emmy Nomination of season 8

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything from SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance). Even if you don’t normally watch the show, these two routines are worth watching.

And, yes, I’m a week behind. Since I teach piano in the evenings, Jesse and I have been watching the show when it gets to Hulu, a week later.

This first one was incredible. Just incredible. Chills-up-the-spine-good. The girl (Melanie Moore) is, according to Nigel, the best/strongest female dancer they have ever had on the show. That’s high praise!!! He also said that this could be the first “Emmy nomination” routine of the season!

The story: 2 statues come to life after the museum has closed.

This one is also very cool! We got done and Jesse said, “I wanna see that again!”.

The story: 2 demons are unleashed from Pandora’s Box.

Stacey Tookey Routine

I haven’t posted a single So You Think You Can Dance video yet this season.

Until now.

This piece, by new (er) choreographer Stacey Tookey, using Donnie Darko’s “Mad World” really hit me. It’s about a homeless guy and a business man, who find out midway through the dance that they used to know each other. The homeless guy is supposed to be all over the place, flailing, while the business man has to dance with precision and strength.

Jesse and I had a friend from high school who I’d often pass on the streets of SLO, begging for money. Just last year we found out that he died of alcohol poisoning. I think that experience is what made this dance really relatable for me.

2 Beautiful Dances

A Viennese Waltz to Vanessa Carlton’s “Ordinary Day”. Absolutely beautiful, I could have watched it all day, even though I don’t like the girl, Mollee. She was in all the High School Musical movies, and acts like it:) But the dance was so peaceful and lovely to watch.

A Contemporary Routine about two married assassins trying to kill one another. The judges said that this would probably win the choreographer, a young alum of the show himself named Travis, an Emmy nomination. VERY dangerous!

Also, a side note for any SYTYCD fans, Travis’ assistant in the background is none other than….Kayla from last year!

So You Think You Can Dance 11/10

A toxic dating relationship:

An African princess and a frog:

Jazz with a cane:

So You Think You Can Dance Finale

…is happening tonight! Well, Part 1 anyways.

I never posted the best routines from last week, and to be honest, other than these 2, nothing really stood out to me.

That being said, these 2 REALLY STOOD OUT!

This is a group number, performed by the Jabbawockeez, a guest performance on the show. A few years ago, they won the show, “America’s Best Dance Crew”. I think they just might be the best group of performers I’ve ever seen!! Amazing. I’ve watched this routine over ten times and I still can’t get over it. If it doesn’t completely blow you away, you’re weird.

This second one is a Disco Routine, done by Brandon and Kayla. Think the 70’s, and then add SUPER HARD MOVES that HARDLY ANYONE is able to do, and there you have it. SYTYCD’s version of disco.


So You Think You Can Dance had a few SPECTACULAR moments last night. If you haven’t seen them, you need to.

This first one is a piece inspired by those who are battling Breast Cancer. It was great- by the end of it the dancers were crying, the judges were crying, even the audience and choreographers were crying.

Talk about extremes, but the routine right after that one was an excellently executed “Zombie and his Mistress” hip-hop routine, which was inspiring, but in a whole different way.