The New Blog Is Here!!!

I promise that this is the last blog move. We PURCHASED the domain name, so I’ll be there indefinitely 🙂

We also had to change the name. Instead of “slowfortheconezone”, we changed it to “ourconezone”. This was mainly because the state of California has already claimed the first one for CALTrans. Wouldn’t want them thinking I’m some terrorist group!

Oddly enough, I had the most traffic yesterday that I’ve EVER had on this blog. This is probably because I forgot that Facebook automatically published my post on Facebook. People probably saw the title, “Exciting Things” and assumed I’m pregnant (definitely not). Everyone pays attention with those sorts of announcements.

If you were a follower here, make sure to click on the new button on the top right!

Without further ado…

raven new blog button new blog 1

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