Exciting Things!

Anthony's 1st Birthday 47

Exciting things are happening here in my tiny blogosphere. Exactly a month ago, we transferred all of my content from my old private site to this new, public site.

And now? My Trader Joe’s Meal Plan won the PINterest incentive blog hop over at croppedstores.blogspot.com. It will go live tomorrow, with 31 different pinners putting it out to their hundreds of followers. I’m so beyond stoked!

Also, thanks to Pinterest, this little bloggy blog is getting around 200 hits a day! That’s also pretty rad. 200 is not much in the blog world, but it’s better than I ever expected after a month.

Lastly, Jesse and I  decided to purchase a domain name and a web hoster, rather than using the free-ness of wordpress. There were just too many limits to what we wanted to do, the least of which is that wordpress does not allow paid advertising (an eventual goal).

So…for any blogger or wordpress followers….the new site will launch tomorrow, hopefully! We still have a few more kinks to work out. I’ll be posting it here tomorrow morning, waiting a few days, then be setting this blog to automatically forward any visitors over to the new site.

Whew! It’s gonna be quite a week! I’ll also be posting a few paleo/gluten-free recipes that we’ve been testing/experimenting with, along with showing our new bathtub remodel!

Thank you all for reading. It really really really means a lot to me 🙂

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