Knowing Jesse and I, it probably doesn’t surprise anyone that Gregory seems to LOVE books! They are the first “toy” in his box that he goes for. We read 4-5 of them a day together, and he sits calmly, giggling whenever we turn the page and show him a new picture. I love it so much, you have no idea.

G’s favorites right now:

We love the dilemma in this book: "If they all have tails, then why haven't I?"

Fun sounds

a "bathtime" book, so it's also good for teething 🙂

The vivid colors in this book are FANTASTIC!

a book about penguins, from Grandpa. G likes this one a lot because of how big and easy to grab onto it is.

Also, G just figured out how to clap his hands together (intentionally). As we were all playing together a few minutes ago, he did some funny little dance move with his hands, wiggling his body at the same time, then started to laugh hysterically. It was so so precious.


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