My Little Explorer

We have reached “that” phase. You know, the one where NOTHING in the apartment is safe. He has successfully crawled all over our apartment, showing me exactly what needs to either be moved or packed. He seems fascinated by electrical outlets, so those have now been baby-proofed. Books are also his favorite– he loves to crawl around to the different bookshelves and take everything out. Items on taller surfaces aren’t safe either– he can crawl over and pull up to a standing position, anywhere and everywhere. In the mornings when we “cuddle”, he crawls over to our headboard and climbs up the iron scrollwork. What am I going to do with this kid?

Oh, and he knows exactly how to find me! Two times today, while I was attempting to make the bed and sweep the kitchen, he started crying from loneliness (don’t feel bad…the kid has me wrapped around his finger. I spend ALL DAY playing with him…). I decided to keep on with my chores, hoping to just get them done quickly and then run out to give him more attention. Before I could even count to ten, however, he had crawled from the living room to where I was. In other words, he has our house memorized and knows where I usually go to do chores! Smart kiddo!

G with a new toy from one of my piano students


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