Week of Relative Leisure

This week is going to seem easy in comparison to the last 2 months or so. I am now on modified “maternity leave” from piano, which means that instead of teaching all 34 of my students (didn’t realize I had that many until I added them up!), I am only teaching 7. They are all families that I feel safe going week to week with until my due date, simply because I’ve been working with them for so many years.  I also just finished my first paper in each of my grad classes, along with my first test in one of them.

Some things I want to catch up on this week:

1. Baby Room final touchups: There are still a few things I have yet to finish, such as constructing “branch shelves” for one of the walls. Don’t ask, it won’t make sense until you see it. Jesse helped me dig through the dumpster at church for candidates. Several parishioners walked by, nearly asking what we were doing. Then they remembered that it was me, and that I like crazy projects. We did the same “digging” through the dumpster when I needed a wishing tree for Jenny and Jason’s wedding. I also have many baby clothes to wash and put away in my storage bins for each month (I have clothes for every stage until he is 2 years old!).

2. Organization Projects: I can’t begin to tell you how many of these I have. I want everything organized to a “t”. I think it’s the fact that several friends have offered to come clean the house a day or two after Gregory gets here. I don’t want them thinking that I LIKE having a pantry without labels, or a closet that looks like 4 different people live here and toss things all about. The closets are a tough one– at different stages of this pregnancy, I’ve taken clothes from the master closet and hung them in our gigantic baby room closet (yes, the one so gigantic I was considering turning it into the baby room, at one point in time). I almost want to wait to organize both closets until I’m back in my normal clothes and the bland maternity stuff can just be a bad dream.

3. Filing: Our bills are nicely set up in a little system underneath my desk, but Jesse’s grad school and Biola papers…not so much. This bugs me a lot, and I’m not sure why. I guess it’s because I know that Jesse isn’t a frivolous note taker. If those thoughts were important at one time, then they deserve the honor of being organized, because this increases the chance that they will one day be read again.

4.  Transplanting of my cherry tomato seedlings– they’ve grown 6-7 inches tall, and I think they’re longing for extra space. I can do them this kindness, seeing as they honored me by being the first things I’ve grown from seed!

5. Purchasing of birth center/post partum supplies: I have quite the detailed list. I wonder if having this 100% ready will help me be in the right mindset for labor. In case you haven’t been privy to my continuous rantings against the 3rd Trimester, if Gregory wants to come early, I am WILLING AND READY. Hear that, kiddo? I feel like we’ve reached the limitations of how well we can get to know each other when all I know of your personality is that you like to move constantly. I really hope there’s more to you.

This is all I have for now. Jesse is attempting to read “The Scarlet Pimpernel” aloud with me in the evenings, because I confronted him with that fact that I’ve read his favorite book, Man Who Was Thursday, but he hasn’t read mine. Oh, the grievous things I have to complain about…life is “so” hard 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week of Relative Leisure

  1. I know you’re trying to shake that baby out but, don’t overdue. I do have to say though that I’m jealous of your organizational skills. Enjoy your leisure.

  2. Ha! That’s funny. Peter and I are slowly working our way through Star Trek – we did the ENTIRE original series, and now we’re on to Next Generation. I keep telling him he owes me several viewings of the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, but I don’t know if I can be that “mean” to him. Amazing how it doesn’t seem so bad when you’re “sacrificing” for the man you love so much, even if he’s the world’s expert on how to drive you crazy. 🙂

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