Anthony 9-11 Month Letter

Dear Baby Wee,

Mommy feels bad that you haven’t gotten a month by month letter like your brother. Then again, she knows that you already have many privileges that he never had, such as a big house to crawl around in! Mommy’s sorry that she’s been so busy, but it doesn’t mean she hasn’t enjoyed every little special thing about you.

Anthony in highchair 9 months

9 months

What are some of the great things that we love about you? First of all, you are sooo social. You want to laugh along with everyone else, and you respond immediately to someone trying to get a reaction out of you. While you sometimes “zone out” playing with toys, you also show that you are keenly aware of where Mommy is at all times. Your favorite toys at this time are cars. You love them in a way that your brother never did, intently pushing them around and watching the wheels turn. You also love to chew on and throw wooden blocks.

Anthony with truck 11 months

11 months

You have two fun games that you like to play with people (that you learned on your own, by the way!). The first, is you stare someone down, then look away, then whip your head back and laugh while looking back at them. You especially love it when someone else joins you in the game. The second game you play is you look up, huge grin on your face, and clap your hands expectantly. The moment somebody claps back, you squeal with the cutest giggle and do it again and again.

Your winning smile, 9 months

Your winning smile, 9 months

You respond very dramatically to music. Any time someone sings to you, you stare at them intently, as though trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. It always always calms you down. When somebody says or sings something, you often hum and try to match the same rhythm and tune! Your favorite song right now is, “This Little Light of Mine”– you laugh hysterically whenever Momma gets to the part about “hiding it under a bushel”. We frequently catch you loudly humming to yourself, especially during church.

Church friends, 10 months

Church friends, 10 months

You are still a big tanker of a boy! You wear all 18 month clothing (sometimes we can sneak a favorite 12 month outfit in if it STRETCHES!), and you look so similar in size to your older brother that everywhere we go, people are asking if you two are twins! This is also because your hair is getting lighter and lighter. Whereas it used to be dark black-brown, it is now a dirty blonde. Oh well, matches your gorgeous blue eyes! Not to mention your dramatic hair-do/cowlic that we can never seem to brush away in the front of your forehead 🙂

Anthony adorable hair 9 months

You have been crawling like a maniac since you were 7.5 months old, but you’ve definitely taken it to a while new level lately (how did you get so fast?). You are pulling down baskets and getting into cupboards that seemingly should be well out of reach. For the past 2 months, you’ve been pulling up on everything and trying to cruise around on the furniture. You’ve even tried to stand up on your own from the ground, without any help! Make no mistake though– Mommy’s in no hurry for you to walk. You are much safer crawling, and for that, she’s grateful. 🙂 Within only a week of being at the new house, you also learned how to climb the stairs, cackling with the discovery of it all the whole time.

Anthony crawling up stairs

10.5 months, crawling up the stairs!

9 months

9 months

While you still nurse fulltime (4-6x/day), you also eat at least 3 large meals. You love to hold a banana and chew it to smithereens. You also eat lunch meat, applesauce, eggs, and oatmeal. We give you little bites of whatever we’re eating, and you’re handling it quite well!

10 months

10 months

For your 9th and 10th month, you were, quite honestly, a terrible sleeper. Part of this isn’t your fault, as our whole family was in transition from one house to another and you slept right next to Mommy and Daddy. Who could blame you, since knowing that Mommy is in the room ALWAYS makes you hungry? But since we moved in to our new house and have your own little room, you’ve suddenly become a MUCH better sleeper. You go to bed around 7-8pm, wake once around 1am to nurse, then again at 6am, then sleep until 9! Not bad! Mommy is definitely seeing this as a huge improvement. Over the next couple weeks, you will start sharing a room with your big brother!

Anthony with Gregory 9 months

9 months

Speaking of your brother, your relationship with him is interesting. He seems to get very possessive and jealous of his toys when you are the one using them, which means that you often get pushed over or knocked in the head with a toy (we’ve found several scratches on your forehead lately– sad!!). When he gives you hugs and kisses, you seem suspicious, as though worried he’s going to bop you at any moment. But if he is laughing at something, you ALWAYS want to join in. When he cries over being put in the car, you ALWAYS join in. When he’s playing with something, you ALWAYS try to be right next to him. Sometimes, he plays peekaboo games with you in church, getting you to belly-laugh during all the quiet times. You guys definitely have a fun relationship, but it will probably get a little bit more “fair” once you can defend yourself and hold your own 😉

10 months

10 months

Finally in time for your 11th Month Birthday, you got SIX teeth to sprout all at the same time! We’ve known they were coming for a while, as you were a bit crankier than usual. You also had a slight fever over the weekend. Only two of the teeth have officially poked through. The other four are nearly there– any day now!

See those 2 bottom teeth?

See those 2 bottom teeth?

You also got your first illness this month– a congested runny nose. Mommy still can’t believe it took you 11 months to get sick, especially since Mommy and Daddy are teachers and bring home all sorts of germs.

Anthony crying 9 months

Sad face 9 months

Anthony sad 9 months

Recovered just a little bit

You still have the saddest face around when you cry. Mommy thinks that this just proves what intense feelings you have, whether it be sadness, frustration, pain, or love. This intensity is just part of what makes you “Anthony”, and we know that you will learn to channel it for good the older you get.

What a smile!

What a smile!

We love you tons!

Love, Mommy

Anthony 8 Month Letter

Dear Baby Boo-boo-bear,

What a big month for you this has been! This month, you started solid foods! You eat about 1 jar of food a day, spread out into 1-2 sittings. So far, you eat squash, bananas, carrots, and applesauce! Gregory tries to help and often puts the spoon in your mouth for us. He gets rather insistent though, even when you don’t want a bite, so Mommy can’t say you’ve enjoyed his involvement a ton 🙂

Aj first time eating solids-- Nove 18

Your FIRST bite of solid food– November 18th

You are a SUPER FAST crawler now, transitioning from the “army” crawl onto all fours. One minute, you’ll be chewing on toys in the living room, the next, right behind Mommy in the kitchen. It’s scary! You get yourself stuck under furniture and need rescuing constantly.

AJ determined crawling

You are still a very LARGE baby. You wear 12-18 month clothing and size 4 diapers now! You still sleep next to Mommy in the co-sleeper, and sleep with her from 4am-9am when everyone wakes up.

All that nursing is probably why you’re so FAT! It’s also why you have yet to be ill– not one fever, cough or cold! Mommy hopes this immune system carries with you all your life. You still nurse a total of 6-8x/day.

AJ huge!

Look at all that chunk!

You are still famous for all of your funky sleep positions! We could make an entire picture album of funny places you’ve fallen asleep.

AJ funny sleep position in Dadda's arms

Exhibit A– restaurants

AJ funny sleep position dadda's lap

Exhibit B: While Dadda watches football

AJ asleep at Thanksgiving table

Exhibit C: At the Thanksgiving table

You are such a happy and playful boy! Now that you’ve been mobile for a few months, you take charge of your own situation and go searching for things to chew on. Gregory has had quite a few possessive moments with you as you suck on his toys, and when he takes them away you HOWL with frustration. Often, though, Gregory brings you the “besss toys”, and you smile lovingly at him. Pretty much anything Gregory’s doing, you want in on.

Anthony playing with balls 8 months

Playing ball with Gregory– you love it!

You have the cutest smile, and love to “charm” everyone who holds you. You are very social and interactive in a way that Mommy hasn’t seen with other babies. You look people right in the eye and babble away, as though holding a conversation (your Aunt Juju says that this is advanced speech development for your age!). When your Aunt Ray-ray was leaving last week, you reached your arm out and WAVED YOUR HAND! Mommy knows enough to realize that waving goodbye at 8 months is REALLY advanced!

AJ 8 months smile

AJ cry, 8 months

You are still famous for your sad pouty faces

AJ and Uncle Joe

You and your Uncle Joe still look a ton alike!

Even though you now crawl everywhere with ease, you still like to exercise on your haunches, rocking back and forth like you’re revving up an engine. It’s pretty hilarious.

AJ in bouncy swing

Going crazy in your bouncy swing!

Other than your inability to fall asleep for the night without several rocking sessions (what’s so bad about going to sleep? Someday, perhaps you can fill us in?), you are super easy in every way. When you and your brother play together, smiling and giggling, it fills Mommy’s heart with more joy than she could ever have imagined. Having another little boy like you is such a dream come true 🙂

Love, Mommy

Anthony 7 Month Letter

Dear Baby Wee,

Momma is writing this a few weeks late, once again, so good thing she has plenty of videos and pictures of this past month!

AJ crawling

Army crawling at Grandma’s

First of all, your biggest accomplishment this month is that you started crawling! You definitely do the army crawl, but you also like to get up on all fours and rock, back and forth, back and forth!

You still haven’t had any solid foods, but you get plenty of nutrition from all of your nursing sessions. You are so chunky and full of rolls!

AJ, 7 months

This was your brother’s size 12 month sleeper!

AJ 7 month giant

As you can see, it’s tight on you!

You just LOVE to laugh! We can get you going over pretty much anything. Sometimes, all it takes to get you laughing is to have someone else in the room chuckle. You are so sensitive and aware of what everyone else is doing that you can’t help but join in.

You just love to play with your brother, wrestling, growling and laughing on the ground. Because you’re so little, however, you often end up getting hurt by the end of things. You are very sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily. We don’t mind as much as we should, however, because your little pouty lip and cry are so cute!

AJ wrestling 1

AJ wrestling 2

Aj wrestling 3
You’ve really turned a corner this past month as far as sleeping goes. We can now lay you down, and even if you’re crying, you soothe yourself within 5-10 minutes, 90% of the time (if you are still upset after a few minutes, we pat your back or rock you until you calm down, enabling you to find sleep that way!). But you still nurse 2-3x night, and wind up sleeping next to Momma for a few hours. You are also known for your hilarious sleep positions!
AJ funny sleep position
AJ teddy bear rolls
You are such fun, Baby Wee! We love you a ton!

Anthony 6.5 month letter

Dear Baby Wee,

Mommy has been a little late in writing you this letter. Good thing she takes notes throughout the month!

First of all, let Mommy stress to you– you are pretty much the easiest baby ever. You still have yet to be sick or have any trouble nursing. Most of the time, you are content to sit in your bouncer or lay on a blanket for tummy time. If you decide you’re fussy, holding you on someone’s lap cures the problem, 99% of the time. Except for your diaper blowouts (more on that later), you require less maintenance than our family dog! The fact that you hardly ever “demand” attention makes Mommy want to love you all the more 🙂

Case in point, you just fell asleep, toy giraffe in your face, despite all the yelling from your brother!

You are such a socially aware baby. When someone in the room laughs, you laugh. If someone in the room is scared, you show it. If your brother is crying, you cry too. In fact, you watch your brother so intensely nowadays, that pretty much whatever he is doing or saying, you are trying to mimic it. He can make you laugh, anytime, by just coming up and putting his head on your belly (!)

Content to chew on your fingers

You HATE loud noises. The other day, Mommy turned on the blowdryer, and you jumped a foot, then started sobbing hysterically, watching her the whole time with terrified eyes. When she turned it off and came over to comfort you, you jabbered on and on, angry and sputtering, as though you were trying to tell her how that noise was NOT OKAY with you.

You still take the cake for the saddest pouty face around here!

You still have not had any solid foods, but you are a champion nurser! You get your fill in under 5 minutes nursing– such a time saver for Mommy not to have to pump, clean any bottles, or steam any veggies! You will be starting solids soon though, sometime after you get to 7 or 8 months, so be ready!

As a result of being 100% breastfed your entire life, you have the runniest yellow poo…sorry to be so graphic, but cleaning up after your poop explosions is a large part of your parents’ lives. Your diapers don’t stand a chance– the runny stuff goes right up your back, all over your sleeper. Mommy can’t count the hours she’s used rinsing and stain treating your sleepers! Sometimes, you go through 3-4 outfits in a day!

Chewing on your favorite toy

You are definitely Mommy’s cuddler, and just want to be held, 24-7. This doesn’t mean you aren’t eager to do your tummy-time– you are actually quite content to lay on your tummy and reach/squirm for toys (Sophie the giraffe is your definite favorite). Just this last week, you started pushing your knees underneath your belly and launching yourself forward! You can get around the living room, little by little now! Mommy thinks we officially have a crawler on our hands!

Pushing up to crawl! We call this your “Mr. Magoo” face.

As a result of being Mommy’s cuddler, you still co-sleep every night. You start off in your co-sleeper, from about 8pm-12am. Putting you to bed is either the easiest thing ever (you sing yourself to sleep), or takes tons of pats on the back while you make a funny groaning noise that we call the “squeaky door”. Then, you nurse for a few minutes at midnight, usually right when Mommy is coming to bed. Then, at around 3am, you get fed again, only this time you stay in Mommy’s bed and cuddle. Somewhere between 8-8:30am, you and Mommy get up for good. After that, you usually take a nap from 11:30-2:30, and then another between 5-6pm.

You are an absolutely radiant ball of sunshine in the mornings!

You are super talkative! When we come up to you, you definitely try to say, “Hi”, even though it comes out as “Haaa!” But you do it consistently, so I would have to say that it is probably your first word (I love that about your personality!). You also say, “Dadda” when he is near, so that is probably a close second! You look people straight in the eye and babble about lots of things. You sing along in church, which is super cute (and also a little embarrassing when it’s during a quiet time!).

A picture Mommy snapped as you were chattering away one morning!

You are no longer GINORMOUS for your age, falling right into mid-range weight at just shy of 19 pounds at your 6 month appt. You wear all 12 month clothing now, but more because of your height than your chub. You still have the cutest rolls on your thighs. Whenever they’re tickled, you laugh uproariously! In fact, you just love to laugh. Just giving you a look, sometimes, is all it takes, and then it becomes a game that we do, over and over again!

Your adorable laugh

Last week was your first Halloween! You were the cutest little elephant, and spent the evening being held by your Nana while we all Trick-or-Treated.

You look so cute here that one of my 8th grade students said, “This picture makes me want to have a baby! And I’m not even 14!” Yikes, watch out, Anthony! The girls are already noticing you!

Little guy,  your Daddy and Mommy have said several times that if it weren’t for your adorable brother, we would have no qualms calling you the cutest baby we’d ever seen, in ALL honesty. Some of it is definitely your personality, as all your facial expressions are so unique! People everywhere say to us, “You guys, he is SOO CUTE!”.

We love you so much, Baby Wee. Your babyhood, thus far, has been so much fun to be a part of!



Anthony 5 (1/2) month letter

Dear Anthony,

You are actually 5.5 months as I write this, because the last few weeks have been rather busy!

But I needed to sit down and let you know what a ball of sunshine and love you’ve been to us! You are such a joyful, easy going baby (except at bedtime….more on that later). You nurse whenever, wherever. You are a punching bag for your brother (he’s trying to “tickle” you, so no hard feelings, k?). We can make you laugh and giggle by doing next to nothing. You love to be held by anyone, and you also love sitting in the bouncy chair, observing everything going on around you. I can’t stress enough what a wonderful joy you are to have around!

You pretty much exclusively co-sleep with Mommy now, going on about 6-7 weeks. This new habit has definitely cut into Mommy’s sleep, but (shh), secret, she doesn’t mind as much as you might think. She knows that in the blink of an eye, just like your brother, you will be a rambunctious toddler pushing her away 🙂 Plus, this also means you are nursing a TON and gaining weight like a champ! You are in 9-12 month clothing now (WOWZA!).

When you do sleep by yourself in the co-sleeper attached to Mommy’s side of the bed, you always roll over on your tummy and snuggle your cheek up with your fist. It’s pretty adorable. Sometime we can soothe you to sleep by rubbing or patting your back (I say SOMETIMES, because you prefer to exclusively fall asleep nursing, which means that Mommy spends 2-3 hours every night running up and down the stairs to go coax you back to sleep…NOT efficient, to say the least!).

You can’t quite sit up yet, but you’re almost there. During tummy time, you push up and try to inch around. You hardly ever stay on your back for long before you’ve rolled onto your tummy. You are grabbing onto everything around you, whether it be Mommy’s fork at the dinner table or the shirt of whoever’s holding you. WHAT a death grip! Mommy has to keep your nails cut at all times because you are able to inflict serious damage with those claws!

We’ve decided not to start you on any solid food for as long as we can possibly help it. Since you weigh a ton, poop and pee constantly, and still have yet to be sick,  I don’t think anybody’s too worried 😉 You nurse 6-8 times during the daytime for about 5-10 minutes, and then off and on all night (Mommy’s not counting then, because she’s trying to sleep, despite all of your acrobatics!). We already knew you didn’t like pacifiers (you made that pretty clear within a month or two of being born), but you’ve also decided that you won’t take a bottle. Luckily, Mommy’s work schedule allows her to be home to nurse you every 1-2 hours when she’s working, so it hasn’t been too inconvenient. Actually, it’s been a time-saver, since Mommy doesn’t need to clean bottles or pump!

You and Gregory already have the funniest relationship! You watch him intently, and the moment he pays attention to you in the slightest, you giggle. He kisses your belly, and you laugh hysterically. On the flip side, when he has a temper tantrum and does his classic shrieking, you burst into tears. Loud noises are extremely startling to you (your grandparents say that Mommy was the same way, don’t worry, you ‘ll never grow out of it).  When you cry, Gregory says, “Baby Wee! Baby Wee!” and tries to pat you, or goes and gets one of us.

Little Wee, you are kind of a big deal around here. If I could only pick one memory from this month, it would be your vivacious belly laugh that goes ON and ON! We all love you so much, and we love the happiness and joy that your personality brings to all of us!!



Anthony 4 Month Letter

Dear Baby Boo,

Here are just a few things that we love about you!

  • You are so chubby. The Doctor says you are 16 pounds, 8 ounces (90th percentile), 26 inches long (80th percentile). You have chubby rolls everywhere, and they are oh so kissable!

  • You have a smile that lights up your entire face and then some. I’ve never seen such beautiful big eyes that smile!
  • You just started rolling a few weeks ago. Back to tummy was first, but now you do both. Once you’re on your tummy, you pull up and look around, as though you’re about to crawl.


  • You are so interactive! You love watching your brother most of all, but you also love following people around the room and talking with anyone in front of you (you almost always light up and smile if someone comes up and gives you attention).

  • You are very ticklish. Whenever you get tickled, you give these small chuckles that sound a little like chirping.
  • A sure way to make you laugh is to bring your toes to your nose. Works every time! Also, saying silly things quite close to your face always seems to make you laugh.

  • You still make the HUGEST pouty face when you’re sad. Even strangers stop dead in their tracks to feel sorry for you—it’s that effective. You also have the loudest, most angry baby cry I’ve ever heard. But even when you get upset, you are made happy again almost instantly, as though it never happened. It gets rather infuriating for the person who was trying to calm you down, as they try to make everyone believe that just 30 seconds ago, you WERE crying, honest!

  • We think you might be teething, since you’ve had some drool, so we bought you your first teething necklace this month.
  • Your hair is still silky dark brown, and your eyes are huge and blue. You are also pretty fair skinned, although you’ve gotten a little bit of sun on the tip of your nose.
  • You still love being held, especially in the Moby wrap. This last weekend, Grandma held you for almost the entire day in that thing! You, of course, slept the entire time.

  • You have a bedtime of around 8pm, and you “sleep” until the next morning, waking up 2-3x to nurse quickly then fall back asleep. Once or twice this past month, you’ve been up every hour to nurse—growth spurt? Your sleepiest time, by FAR is in the morning, from about 8am-12pm. You almost always sleep that entire stretch (mommy, of course, can’t, since she has your brother to care for!)

  • You spend most of your time being held on someone’s lap or lying on your activity mat. You don’t tolerate your bouncy seat as well anymore. You also are growing out of both your swaddle and your bassinet—time to move to the co-sleeper!
  • You grab at anything and everything. It’s especially cute when you grab onto Mommy’s shirt while you’re nursing, as though you’re never going to let go.
  • You always have your tongue sticking out. Seriously. Adorable.

Also, this month you got to meet your god-sister Lola, AND go camping at Big Sur for the very first time! 3 nights in a tent, next to your Momma….it wasn’t easy, but we’re all going again as a family next weekend, so it can’t have been too bad, right?

Overall, Baby Boo, you are just a fantastic joy to have around. I hope you keep this cheerful personality for ever, because we love it!

Love, Mommy

Anthony 3 Month Letter

Dear Baby Wee,

You have really turned a corner this last month! There are so many things that we love about you, and I will try to list just a few of them!

1. When your Daddy and I were talking about all of our favorite things that you do, your pouty face made the top of the list. Boy does it ever! Your pouty mad face is pretty much the CUTEST thing we’ve ever seen! Picture this face, but you’re wailing, “GOOO!!!!” or “GEEEE!” You sniffle a little, and then you stick your lip out again. I kinda hope you’re always this cute when you’re upset.

See what I mean?

2. You are so chunky and big! You’ve now been in 6-9 month clothing for 3 weeks– anything smaller doesn’t even button! One lady at church asked us jokingly if we were giving you steroids. Then she said, “No seriously, are you already feeding him solids?” Mommy loves that you’re growing so well. It’s probably what makes you so jolly!

Look at all those rolls!

You’re so long!

3. You are so interactive and joyful! The moment anyone looks your way, you crack the biggest grin. You jabber away constantly, looking your audience straight in the eye the entire time.

You have a few fussy times every day, but they are brief and curable, especially now that your horrible reflux has been going away.

Chattering away!

4. You are a FANTASTIC sleeper! All we have to do to get you to sleep is swaddle you and walk away. That’s it! You don’t take a pacifier, Mommy doesn’t have to nurse you to sleep, you don’t need white noise, nothing. You just are an excellent self-soother!

Lately, you’ve been sleeping from 10pm-6am, with 2 “sleep” nursing sessions, and then you take 2-3 hour naps all day long, with 1 hour awake periods in between. We can tell you’re tired because you stop wanting to look us in the eye and you get mildly fussy. What a wonderfully easy baby!

Cute sleepy face

5. You ADORE your older brother, even when he does funny things to you, like stuff pacifiers in your mouth or “pretend” to pee on you.

6. You love your baths! It’s difficult to get everything out of all those rolls though, which is why you sometimes smell like old milk…oh well, you can’t be perfect, right? After your baths, your hair is so soft and shiny though…still super dark. You are turning into my dark haired, blue eyed boy! Your umbilical hernia is almost gone as well.

Our chubby bathing beauty

7. You love to giggle when Mommy kisses your cheeks. Seriously, it never fails! You will giggle over and over and over again– dozens of times in a row. You also giggle when you’re being tickled at your neck. Your smiles and giggles are two of Mommy’s favorite things in life. Oh, and your smile almost always includes your tongue.

8. You found your fists this week, and you love to slurp/suck on them. This little skill helps when you are sitting by yourself in your bouncy seat. You are surprisingly content for a baby– you’re so quiet, we have to be careful you don’t get neglected!

You are such a wonderful kiddo– such a wonderful balance between a long, great sleeper and a happy, interactive boy! Your brother loves you, and your parents love you. Someday, we hope you will love us just as much 🙂

Love, Mommy

Anthony’s 2 Month Letter

Dearest Anthony,

You are already 2 months old. No one would know it by looking at you. People have guessed 5 or 6 months, but never 8 weeks. You already weigh 14 pounds and are 25″ long! For a frame of reference, your brother wasn’t this big until he was half a year old.

But you are your own unique little person, marching to the beat of your own drum, and we LOVE that about you. Your many many rolls (Mommy counted 6 per thigh tonight! Wowza!), your full head of thick (yet so soft…) black hair, your beautiful blue eyes that occasionally look Asian, your ginormous umbilical hernia– you are already so special in so many ways.

So big!

We are beginning to see more and more of your personality each day now. You have so many sounds, gurgles and coos, and we are starting to have lots of little “conversations”. You smile lots, you fall asleep during tummy time, you have different cries for different needs. You recognize Mommy now. In fact, you made her morning the other day– you woke up fussing, and the moment she reached over to get you, you cracked the biggest grin. What a charmer.

You still love being cuddled. Since Mommy and Daddy made the decision not to use an infant carseat, you get held in either a sling, the Moby wrap or the Mei Tai a LOT. Even short grocery trip runs are pleasant when Mommy gets to snuggle you the whole time! You fall asleep when you’re being cuddled close, making it easy to do chores, play with your brother, even eat dinner while “wearing” you. This is how you made your first beach and zoo trip!

You’re in there, somewhere, with your little hat to keep the sun off

You love to play in your floor gym, staring at yourself in the mirror for many minutes at a time. You always fall asleep the moment we hit 35 mph in the car (and we can’t fool you either! 30 just doesn’t quite cut it!). You have long active stretches during the day where you perform your aerobics, kicking and punching constantly (reminds Mommy very much of when you were inside her!).

During a particularly active session

This month, you were baptized and chrismated! You only screamed through the “exorcism” portion and the actual water part, but you were good the rest of the time. Your godparents, Gregory and Joanna, flew all the way out from Scotland for you! They brought you a beautiful cross necklace and icon of Saint Anthony. They held you as much as possible before leaving again. We hope that you will get to know them well!

With your godparents

You have continued to be a good sleeper, so long as you are well fed, recently changed and swaddled. Almost every night, you sleep from 1am until the sun rises. You never sleep with a pacifier– we only use it to calm you down when you’re having a huge fit. Speaking of fits…you have one huge set of lungs! You can go from fast asleep to screaming with huge TEARS in under 20 seconds. Not exaggerating. You have some intense extremes, kiddo.

That’s one big yawn!

You have been struggling with some reflux, and it’s so heartbreaking. Your cries are so sad, so painful sounding that everyone around just looks at you with sympathy. We help by burping you lots, sometimes 2-3x during a feeding and then several times afterwards. The Dr. prescribed you a small dosage of Zantac today, so we’ll see if that helps. Given all that pain, it’s no wonder you’ve been spitting up after almost every single feeding (you even “projectiled” one into Mommy’s EAR yesterday!).

But we don’t resent you for it.

Because you are our little Anthony.

Our “Anton”. Our “Barnacle”. Our “Wee”.

Your quiet and sweet intensity is a perfect addition to our little family, and we love living with you 🙂

Love, Mommy

Anthony’s 1 Month Letter

Dear Baby Wee,

You may be wondering why I didn’t use your “real” name. From Day 1 in the hospital, your beloved older brother has taken to calling you, “Wee” (he thinks babies say, “WEE!” instead of “Wahh!”), and, while it used to be funny, it’s actually become your most commonly used nickname. We all probably use it more than “Anthony”! Haha!

Ultrasound, 23 weeks

It’s easy to see the similarities!

You also may be wondering why I am writing you this, 2 weeks and 2 days after you turned 1 month old…let me tell you, kiddo. Momma’s trying. While you may get the short end of that proverbial stick, you are definitely benefiting from being a second child. It’s surprising how much “came back” to your Momma about raising an infant. You and Momma have had a MUCH better breastfeeding experience than she did with your brother. You’re gaining weight like a Buddha (one of your other nicknames), and you nurse on demand, whenever you feel like it, unless Momma is teaching a piano lesson. Momma knew which foods to avoid to keep your little tummy from getting too upset and gassy. So, even though your first letter is a little late, you’ve had a much better time of it 🙂 At your one month appointment, you were 11 pounds, 4 oz., which is the 90th percentile! Yowza! Explains the gazillion rolls you have all over your thighs and arms. You’ve been in 3 month clothing for the past 2 weeks and have already moved up to Size 2 diapers!

One of your other nicknames is “Barnacle”. While you will occasionally tolerate being put down, you are ALWAYS happy being held. You stop crying within a millisecond of being picked up, every time. When Mommy carries you around the house or the grocery store in a sling, you are peacefully asleep within a minute. Snuggling with you is pretty much one of the best parts of Momma’s day.


Also, you are a fantastic sleeper! From Day 3 of your life, when we were given a bassinet/rocker contraption, you’ve slept one 4-5 hour stretch every single night! For the past 6 weeks! Granted, once you are awake you want to nurse every hour to make up for lost time, but Momma loves that one long stretch of sleep so much that she could kiss you (oh wait, she does, all day long!).

You spent the first 5 weeks of your life living at your grandparents house, which meant that you had dozens of hands to hold you at all hours of the day. Your Nana and Papa Cone also came over often (sometimes every day!), along with your Aunt Brooke and Emily, and your Cousin Rachel. Just recently, you met and bonded with your Uncle Joe who you DEFINITELY look a ton like! You also met Uncle David and Aunt Autumn. There are SO many people who love you, Mr. Anthony. You will never lack for hugs and kisses.

with your Nana

Speaking of hugs and kisses….your older brother smothers you with them all day long. When he hears you cry, he runs over and says, “Wee! Wee!” until someone goes and gets you. He tries to pick you up, and whenever we ask if he wants to “hold” you, he shouts, “Yeah!”. Whenever we ask he if he wants to go and see you, he gets super excited and starts saying, “Wee! Wee!” over and over. He loves to pat your head and give you “cuddles”. He leaves toys in your bouncy seat for you, and sometimes shoves one of his pacifiers in your mouth (super generous, right there!). Safe to say, he’s one of your biggest fans around here!

This happens x100 every day

Lately, you’ve been more and more alert, but no real smiles yet. Already, we can tell you are super serious, yet also easy going. For instance, you had a HORRIBLE diaper rash for 2 weeks, but we didn’t even think it was that bad at first because you hardly ever cried about it. Once it went from open sores to a yeast infection, we had to treat it with some medicine, and now you don’t even cry during a diaper change. Most of the time, it doesn’t even wake you up! Like I said, you are incredibly docile, unless we put you down 😉 You can go from perfectly content to SPITTING MAD in less than 5 seconds, then back to content a few seconds later, over and over. Your Dad has the perfect description for you: “I’m fine, I’m fine, life is good, ahhh—WAIT, I’M NOT OKAY! SOUND THE ALARM! THE WORLD IS ENDING! DO YOU HEAR ME?? ah, okay, this is tolerable, I can wait, maybe I’ll take a nap…” Not even tummy-time phases you– you just turn it into a nap.

content in “Bama’s” arms

You are also the world’s noisiest eater. I thought your brother was loud, but you definitely take the cake! For the last week, all 4 of us have been sleeping in the same room. Your cries don’t wake up your older brother, but your eating sure could! You grunt, hiccup, spit, growl, and then grunt some more. It’s hilarious, and kind of embarrassing (I’m not sure I want to take you in public– people might think I’m nursing a piglet down there!). For the first couple weeks, you only nursed one side at a time, which still gave you plenty of milk (evidently, considering your weight gain!), but made Momma more than a little uncomfortable at times. You also grunt and growl through most of your light daytime naps.

While you are ambivalent about pacifiers, you love sucking on fingers!

While we have hit a few bumps along the road (jaundice, the yeast infection, even a belly-button hernia!), it’s been much easier than we all thought to integrate you into our little family. You will make such a perfect complement to Gregory, and he will always love and protect you. While it’s been 6 weeks since you were born, Momma can’t imagine how she lived life without you.

Love, Momma