Someone generously donated a 30 second commercial to our school. The commercial will be played during both the morning and evening news, for 5 months!

The problem was….they needed an alumn to be the “face” and “voiceover” for the commercial. And our boss chose me. I mean, when your boss asks you to do something, how can you not, right?

What’s even funnier about all this is that Jesse and I rewrote the script for the commercial just this last Monday night. We didn’t like the lines (some executive wrote them, I think? VERY cheesy), and I definitely didn’t feel comfortable reading them on camera.

As a result, there might be a mention of the “Good, True and Beautiful” in there somewhere 😉

Someday, I’ll probably see a clip of it. When I do, I’ll make sure to post it. For now, it’s just me.

Kelly KSBY commercial

My mom took this on my phone in front of our house. You can see why I’ll never be one of those “fashion bloggers”– I just don’t know how to stand!

KSBY commercial Kelly 2

My boss took this of me during the actual shooting of the commercial. Awkward and uncomfortable smiles are kind of my thing…

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