Happy Hollows


Since I knew that Jesse wanted to spend 2-3 days at a monastery with a friend of ours, I decided to make my own plans for a change (anyone who knows me also knows that I am very bad at taking initiative and planning fun things to do).

I’d heard about a theme park/zoo geared towards kids ages 2-7 called Happy Hollows up in San Jose. I emailed my friend Stephanie who has two kids ages 2 and 1 with another on the way. She said she’d been meaning to try it out as well, so we made plans for a day trip!

All in all, it took us 2.5 hours to get there, which meant 5+ hours of driving. We had to stop a total of 5-6 times (depends on if you count off-ramp stops in order to get thrown toys or sippy cups!). Also, admission was free with a Charles Paddock zoo pass, which both of us have (although I couldn’t find mine, so I had to pay around $25…still, not bad!).

Happy Hollows Trip 1

We used Steph’s new van for all 4 carseats!

Happy Hollows Trip 6

Steph lent me her double Phil and Ted stroller and she used her double BOB. I LOVED this thing! Even with 2 kids and a diaper bag, I could steer with one hand, and it was awesome amidst all the crowds

Happy Hollows Trip 2

Anthony was super chill for most of the day, which was crazy considering he had sat in a carseat for 3 hours in the morning!

Happy Hollows Trip 3

Our very first ride. Gregory was skeptical at first, but was cackling with glee by the end of it. Once he got off the ride, he did his “happy dance”, so I’m pretty sure it was a hit

Happy Hollows Trip 15

The Bug Ride

Happy Hollows Trip 16

Danny the Dragon

Happy Hollows Trip 4

They had a fun crooked house to explore– mirrors, a child sized table and chairs, and a slide that took them from the 2nd story back down to the ground

Happy Hollows Trip 12

This was the big roller coaster in the park. Gregory was barely tall enough to ride on it, but he seemed super psyched, so I let him

Happy Hollows Trip 13

The second of the big hills. It actually went a lot faster than I had thought from watching it


Happy Hollows Trip 14

I don’t know if you could see here, but he was NOT happy. When we got off the ride, he clapped, but then when I asked him if he had fun, he gave me a super serious “look” and said, “SCARED, Momma. Scared.”


Happy Hollows Trip 8

Our 2nd time on the cars, Anthony gave it a go. He wasn’t too happy at first…

Happy Hollows Trip 5

But then he warmed up to it 🙂

Happy Hollows Trip 10

All 4 of them!

Happy Hollows Trip 18

Do not be fooled by this face. He loved this. I think that because he didn’t have a nap, he was in a daze by the end of the day

Happy Hollows Trip 9

The neat bridges that go back to the parking lot

It was definitely a lot of fun! As an added bonus, the kids of been sleeping nearly ALL day, so it tired them out!

One thought on “Happy Hollows

  1. Um, your kids slept all day!?! Can they have a talk with mine? Miller woke up at 6 and Marshall didn’t nap all day AND wouldn’t go to bed till 8:30. They conspire against me… 🙂

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