Lenten Recipes Update

This has been the first Lent that Jesse and I have made pretty much everything from scratch. We don’t do Morningstar junk (just do a google search for how bad that stuff is for you! plus it’s expensive!), we don’t go for fake soy cheese, etc.

Mostly, this is due to budget restraints. We are also very convicted about making sure the boys’ food isn’t processed.

Anyways, we’ve tried around 10 new recipes thus far (Week 3 of Lent). Some of them have been okay, and some of them have been BLAND. I don’t know what it is about beans, but they soak up spices like nothing else, and NOT in a good way.

But we have run across a few winners, so I thought I’d add links to them. The Moroccan Couscous, in particular, I’d eat even if we weren’t fasting!

Black Bean Burrito Bowls— I can’t even get over how tasty quinoa is!

Black Bean Burrito Bowls


Chickpea/Avocado Sandwiches— these are sooooo delicious! I also use the extra mix as baby food for Anthony.

Chickpea avocado


Vegan Stew— Actually kind of expensive to make, so I’d half the recipe. It gave us lunch leftovers for a week! SOOO filling!

vegan stew


Moroccan Couscous— We used raisins too….so good. Don’t skip the mint leaves! Moroccan Couscous




One thought on “Lenten Recipes Update

  1. Thank you for posting these recipes! They all look so great… you’ve just made my weekly menu planning easier, because I’m totally going to make use of these suggestions!

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