Yesterday, I went hog wild on my sewing machine. Seriously, it was like a little sweat shop over here.

First, I sewed the curtains for the boys room. Curtains are super easy to make, but they take FOREVER– just picture hemming all 4 sides of a giant 9 foot napkin. Times two.

Gregory and Anthony's curtains

Notice how the light shows on the sides? It’s actually a double curtain rod, with blackout curtains behind it (they were ugly plain…hence the decorative front curtain!). I’ve found that Gregory sleeps a million times better during his naps if it’s completely dark in his room

A closeup of the print

A closeup of the print

Next, I tackled my third and final chair cover to match the ones I’d already done.

Lastly, I made Gregory’s duvet cover and pillows.

Gregory's duvet and pillows

Side by side with the curtains. I love how the prints aren’t too matchy matchy!

Gregory's duvet closeup

I’m pretty proud of the duvet cover, complete with double hems AND ties!

I’ve also purchased an organic toddler sized pillow for G, so once it arrives I will be making a few pillowcases.

Pretty much the only other thing that I still need to do for their room is to buy a bunch of new gray chevron-print crib sheets! With two kids on mattresses now, we need twice as many for those little diaper leak accidents my boys seem so prone to.

I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not they need to be organic sheets, but since they’re no longer babies (what? sniff sniff), I’m okay with settling for normal fabric, especially because we’re on a tight budget 🙂

One room almost done! Many more to go!

Chevron sheet


5 thoughts on “Sewing

    • Can you leave the link for the crib sheet? I might get one for Anthony’s crib so that they can match. I was just planning on shelling out the $20 for more fabric to make a second duvet, but he can’t really use it yet, so I was gonna wait.

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