Life Lately, According to my iPhone

Anthony books 11.5 months

Someone just discovered books

Anthony highchair 11.5 months

…and how to get out of his highchair

Gregory midnight wakeup 3:2013

A little midnight cuddle. He came down the stairs, half awake, and said, “G’morning, Mama!”

Gregory scab nose 3:2103

Life with boys– he got wild and fell down the stairs! Scared us half to death

Gregory:Dadda fort 3:2013

The boys made a fort! Entertained G for hours

Gregory at table March 2013

This kid has always LOVED food

Gregory with Dadda's gloves March 2013

Playing with Dadda’s new yard gloves

Gregory with smoothie 3:2013

Green smoothies– hey, it’s how I get him to eat Spinach and Kale!

Gregory with toys 3:2013

A day with toys

One thought on “Life Lately, According to my iPhone

  1. Love these boys! πŸ˜€ How are they always so photogenic!? Anthony’s face cracks me up and Gregory snuggling with Dadda is so precious. Also, green smoothies = win! (If my mother had only pureed my zucchini, I might not be such a hater…) πŸ˜›

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