King Arthur

Another very cool day teaching! To finish up our unit on Sir Thomas Mallory’s Morte D’ Arthur, we built castles and knocked them down!

First, Jesse and I brought a bunch of our old moving boxes to school. The boys and girls, on different teams, divided up the boxes one by one.

Castle Project 7


Next, each team arranged their boxes into a “castle”, the design of which was entirely up to them (the kids have been planning this for weeks. The Girls Team even “accidentally dropped” a “fake plan” of what their castle was going to look like in order to “trick” the boys!).

Castle Project 6

Their mission? To protect their victim– one of Gregory’s stuffed animals.

Castle Project 9

Then, the games began. Each team had to send one person out to “joust”– that is, to answer King Arthur quiz questions correctly in order to obtain ammunition (a basketball and a volleyball).
Castle Project 4
We had to “joust” for over an hour before the fatal blow.
Castle Project 1

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