Emily’s Birthday

Even though her “real” birthday isn’t for a few days, we celebrated my sister in law’s birthday today!

After having vegan lasagna at the Cones house (Emily is a hardcore vegan, so even though it’s “Meatfare” Sunday, we obliged 🙂 ), we went to the bowling alley.

Being his first time, Gregory required the help of several of his family in order to bowl “properly”.

Emily's Bday 4 cropped

First, I tried to teach him

Emily's Bday 1

Grandpa tried too

Emily's Bday 2

Then, Dadda!


After we were done bowling, we went back to our new house for a yummy vegan/fruit cake that my Mother in Law made.


Emily's Bday 3

Gregory has this minor obsession with birthdays and candles. I guarantee he’ll be singing Happy Birthday and “blowing out” various objects for the rest of this week.

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