We Killed Julius Caesar

There are days when I love my job, and then there are days where I FREAKIN LOVVVEEEE my job. Yesterday was the latter.

My first year teaching at NCCS, I didn’t time our reading selections all that well. Case in point: we read the creepiest chapter of Wuthering Heights the WEEK before Christmas. Oops.

This year, I did better. We finished with The Christmas Carol right before Christmas. We also just finished Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar right before March (Ides of March, anyone?).

Yesterday was our planned dramatic enactment. We didn’t spend much class time even learning our lines or blocking, we had just barely finished the play. But I charged them to bring their togas so we could have some fun!

And fun we had.

Julius Caesar 1

Yes, my sister was Antony. Yes, she did gangsta signs during her speech. Yes, she accessorized her toga. <sigh> 🙂

Julius Caesar 3

Is it any surprise that a bunch of teenage girls know how to be dramatic?

Julius Caesar 2

Yes, this was posed. We couldn’t get Julius Caesar to stop laughing. 


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