Cambria Day Trip

Due to our 3 day weekend (teaching holidays=awesomeness!), we decided to head to Cambria for the day. Being only a 30 min. drive away, it really is a shame we don’t go here more often, especially since it’s known as one of the prettiest places in all of CA.

Also, the day could not have been more perfect. 66 degrees and sunny!

First, we went to Moonstone Beach and ate a picnic.

The view from our picnic bench

The view from our picnic bench

Once we were done eating, we hiked down to the rocks, babies and all!

Cambria Trip 18

We finally learned how to use the panoramic function on our iphones. About time!!!

Cambria Trip 17

We found a little crab

Cambria Trip 16

It was low tide, so we were able to walk all over the beach and rocks

Cambria Trip 20

Our gorgeous girl

Cambria Trip 15


Cambria Trip 13

Gregory could not stop talking during all of this. He was so thrilled with all the scenery!

After our walk on the beach, we took a small hike/walk into the trees and to another lookout point.

Cambria Trip 19

Again, isn’t this function on the iPhone AWESOME?

After we tired the boys out, we went in search of a hole-in-the-wall cookie bakery that we’d heard rave reviews about. It’s the oddest little place, tucked into a STORAGE facility, of all places, but it was beyond worth it. For $12, we got 8 of the BEST cookies I’ve ever eaten. Seriously. They are already starting to franchise the business after just 2 years because they’ve been so wildly successful!

The label on the side says it all

The label on the side says it all

Cambria Trip 9

Didn’t believe me when I said it was in a storage facility?

Cambria Trip 8

He said that often, they have so much business that they have to hide their signs! And people still come!

Cambria Trip 7

Red Moose Bakery Mascot

Cambria Trip 6

These cookies definitely lived up to their name!

Cambria Trip 5

We also got lemon…oh man, were they good!

Cambria Trip 4

Caitlin could not believe how amazing they were!

All 3 kids fell asleep shortly after we left the bakery, so Jesse and I decided to drive 15 minutes up the coast to the place where he proposed!

7.5 years since he gave me my gorgeous ring!

7.5 years since he gave me my gorgeous ring!

Kelly's ring 2013

I like remembering the day he gave it to me 🙂 Today, I got to tell Caitlin all about it and walk her to the very spot! She claims she wants to have her wedding here someday.

Cambria Trip 3

It’s easy to see why people love to come here!

Cambria Trip 1

One more shot out the window as we drive

2 thoughts on “Cambria Day Trip

  1. Thanks for sharing your day in pictures. I need to learn how to do that on my new iphone. Rich and I also found the red moose cookie place (Mr. and Mrs. Zippi found it first), and I enjoyed their chocolate chip cookies immensely!

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