10 New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never posted about my New Year’s Resolutions, because there’s a big part of me that’s superstitious and thinks that somehow, voicing my goals will ensure that I never reach them. But 2013 seems to be a kinder, nicer sort of year already, so I am willing to take the risk, in the hopes that writing them down will help me to accomplish them.

1. Buy a House. This one’s a biggy, folks. I’m still to superstitious to go into all the particulars, but I believe that we’ve finally settled on “The One”. Truly. The paperwork all went through yesterday, and we have our inspection scheduled for next Tuesday morning and the appraisal shortly thereafter.

The best part? It is,Β by far, my favorite house of all the ones we’ve looked at. Not a short sale or an REO either– in fact, we know the guy, and it never even made it onto the MLS listings for the general population to SNATCH away.

All signs point to YES! But it is still one of my New Year’s Resolutions. We just know that now is the time to get into the real estate market, especially on the Central Coast, before things get too expensive. If we’d bought at this time last year, we could’ve already made $50,000 on our investment. Hurts to think about. Hello, CA market, I officially hate you.

Conclusion: Goodbye, savings!

2. Workout Consistently. It’s hard for people to believe, looking at me now, but I used to be a workout fiend. I went to the gym every single day. My favorite thing to do at the Biola track was to get into a handstand for pushups. I went to gymnastics 2-3x/week, and had almost re-mastered my back handspring.

Now? I went to the gym last night, ran for 30 minutes and lifted weights for 5 minutes. OMG, it feels like I’ve been hit by a bus. Apparently, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to walk funny, all hunched over like Gollum.

My realistic goal would be to make it to the gym three times a week, for at least half an hour. Can I accomplish it? Not sure, but that’s why it’s a goal!

Conclusion: Sweat it off!

3. Sleep-Train Anthony. I’m all for breastfeeding on demand, but we’re dying of sleep deprivation over here. I don’t want to give my Baby Boo trauma by letting him cry it out, but he is NINE MONTHS OLD next week. My goal is that he will only wake me up 1-2x/ night from here on out. That would be heaven. There are trade-offs, to be sure (another post on it later), but with 3 kids and a part time job, I CANNOT stay up all night nursing this kid anymore.

Conclusion: Zzzzzz

4. Potty-Train Gregory. We are not in some huge hurry to get him out of diapers, but he is showing lots of signs of being ready. We’re also about ready to move him to a toddler bed! Where did the time go?

Conclusion: Invest in some floor cleaner

5. Buy a Second Car. We’ve been a 1 car family for about a year and a half now, and while I’ve LOVED it, Jesse has not. Although CA has the best of conditions, 90% of the year, walking to school every single day isn’t manly enough for him πŸ˜‰ Luckily, even once our downpayment has been paid, we will still have enough $ to buy him a “beater” car. And, considering our new house is about 7 minutes away from school instead of around the corner, a second car would be a good option.

Conclusion: Zoom zoom

6. Eat Healthier. I joke that you can usually tell my general state of mind by examining my car for fast food bags. I am a closet stress eater, folks, and when the going gets rough, McDonald’s finds its way into my life. This summer, before all the craziness of of the semester was upon us, Jesse and I were eating very mindfully, and I would like that in my life once more.

Conclusion: Bring on the Protein Smoothies and quinoa!

7. Teeth. Let me tell you the story of a girl who had braces for THREE YEARS, then neglected to wear her retainer until it became too small. Jesse and I have both wanted to get braces (he would need them for longer since he’s never had them) for a while now. Once our savings has been replenished, we’d like to get a consultation and go for it! Kind of a weird resolution, but it is one, none the less.

Conclusion: Say cheese!

8. Play more, work less. I’ve loved having my own piano business. It’s been something that I can take pride in because I’ve developed a clientele base in two different cities, without any actual degree in piano playing (it’s just something I love to do!).

As much as I love piano teaching, however, I love my kids more. I love family time more. It’s hard on Jesse to get home from teaching for 6 hours and immediately jump into babysitting all 3 kids. Even though I’m only gone 1-2 hours in the afternoon, it’s the busiest part of the afternoon, and the crankiest time of day for the kids. By the time that we both get dinner done and the kids in bed, it’s time to grade papers and prep for class, then time for bed.

For our first few months in CA, before I had developed any clientele for my piano business, Jesse and I got to experience what life was like with every afternoon and evening free for the taking. We went to the zoo or the park every other day and had a blast as a family. Sometimes, the kids and I would go in another room and play while Jesse finished up his grading by dinner time.

Having experienced that, I know that life is much better when I work less. Once we move into our house, replenish our savings account, and start investing (basically, sometime this fall), I have considered quitting piano teaching altogether, at least while we have young kids.

As far as teaching English goes, it is a part of me that piano playing never will be. In fact, teaching English is as much a part of my identity as motherhood. I am also a better mom when I am reading and writing regularly, and it does a world of good for my sanity when I am bringing income in.

So, for the foreseeable future, I still plan on teaching English part time like I have been. Since it looks like (again, fingers still crossed!) we will be living only 5-7 minutes from the school, we have talked about making my schedule 12:30-3pm every day, instead of 10:30-2:30 three days a week. This would mean that I am only teaching during the boys’ nap times– they won’t even know I’m gone!

Conclusion: Money isn’t everything.

9. Enjoy. I really want to learn how to be in the moment. I have 3 wonderful kids, each with such wonderful and enjoyable qualities. I want to learn how to be mindful of the moment and savor everything about them before they grow up and move on (even thinking about it gets me teary!).

Jesse and I also love to be around each other and, despite all the stress in our lives (grad school, moving across the country twice, buying a house, and adopting a teen, to name a few!) are still great friends. We are resolving to make more time for each other this next year, possibly instituting a weekly date night once Mr. Anthony complies with resolution #3.

Conclusion: Soak in every moment.

10. Make Friends! I am notoriously HORRIBLE about making friends. I never pictured myself as being anti-social, but then I started looking at my life.

In High School, my best friends were the ones I went to church with as a child.

In college, my best friends (with the exception of two) were also my friends from High School, or were already friends of Jesse’s.

I MARRIED someone I grew up with.

It didn’t feel like “home” in Dallas until we convinced 3 of our CA friends to move with us.

So….I don’t have many friends here on the Central Coast. Time to change that, especially considering my best friend Tess is looking into moving on to grad school, as is my good friend/sister-in law.

Conclusion: Hello, my name is…

2 thoughts on “10 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Great blog writing as usual Kelly. These are some great goals, and I will try to remember to pray for you and your family about these things. Thanks for sharing.

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