Christmas Activities!

Although we’ve been pretty occupied with finishing the school semester and finding a house/packing/moving, we were able to spend our weekend doing some fun Christmasey things, thanks to our awesome families!

On Saturday, after my mom and I ran a highly successful garage sale (the sale only made a combined total of around $150, but oh well!), we headed out to the Cone’s country house for some holiday fun.


Auntie Em made some special vegan gingerbread cookies to decorate!


Showing off the fruits of his labors 🙂


For a toddler, THIS is what it’s all about…


Gregory loved this little train/music player. He pushed it over and over again, saying, ” ‘GAIN!” and “bye train!”


Showing Dadda




Nana and Gregory making some pine-CONE ornaments!


Finished and so proud!


Decorating Nana and Poppa’s tree

After dinner at the Cone’s, we headed over to Vine Street, a Paso Robles’ tradition dating back long before I was a kid! I have great memories of participating in this event when I was super little, so it was neat to take my own kids! The whole thing is a lot bigger than I remember it though– 25,000+ participate every year!



AJ was NOT COOL with how cold it was!


G kept warm with an Ernie beanie 🙂


All of the neat Victorian houses are decorated oh-so-pretty!



G’s favorite part was getting to pet the sheep. He was pretty zonked out during the live Nativity scene, or that probably would have been his favorite!


And, of course, everyone’s favorite Vine Street event– Ebenezer Scrooge’s house! This guy has been doing his Ebenezer-thing for 20+ years now. 6 or 7 years ago, he sold the house to move to Oregon, but with one stipulation in the contract– that they let him come back every year to perform! Now THAT’S dedication!

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