Anthony 7 Month Letter

Dear Baby Wee,

Momma is writing this a few weeks late, once again, so good thing she has plenty of videos and pictures of this past month!

AJ crawling

Army crawling at Grandma’s

First of all, your biggest accomplishment this month is that you started crawling! You definitely do the army crawl, but you also like to get up on all fours and rock, back and forth, back and forth!

You still haven’t had any solid foods, but you get plenty of nutrition from all of your nursing sessions. You are so chunky and full of rolls!

AJ, 7 months

This was your brother’s size 12 month sleeper!

AJ 7 month giant

As you can see, it’s tight on you!

You just LOVE to laugh! We can get you going over pretty much anything. Sometimes, all it takes to get you laughing is to have someone else in the room chuckle. You are so sensitive and aware of what everyone else is doing that you can’t help but join in.

You just love to play with your brother, wrestling, growling and laughing on the ground. Because you’re so little, however, you often end up getting hurt by the end of things. You are very sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily. We don’t mind as much as we should, however, because your little pouty lip and cry are so cute!

AJ wrestling 1

AJ wrestling 2

Aj wrestling 3
You’ve really turned a corner this past month as far as sleeping goes. We can now lay you down, and even if you’re crying, you soothe yourself within 5-10 minutes, 90% of the time (if you are still upset after a few minutes, we pat your back or rock you until you calm down, enabling you to find sleep that way!). But you still nurse 2-3x night, and wind up sleeping next to Momma for a few hours. You are also known for your hilarious sleep positions!
AJ funny sleep position
AJ teddy bear rolls
You are such fun, Baby Wee! We love you a ton!

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