Although this happened a few days ago, I wanted to write it down so that someday, when Gregory is a teenager, I can remember.

Tuesday night, Gregory woke up at 4am screaming his head off. Because I was nursing Anthony at the time (welcome to my life), I asked Jesse to get up and comfort him. “He must’ve had a nightmare,” I said, because I could tell from his screaming that he wasn’t just uncomfortable, he was terrified.

I heard Jesse pick him up and hold him. A few minutes later, I heard Jesse try to walk him back into his room. Every time he stepped foot in the door, Gregory flipped out again, scared to death.

So Jesse brought Gregory back to our bed. It was the first time in months that Gregory had slept between us, and even though I almost always have Anthony asleep beside me, I was really happy to have Gregory there with us. I really miss those days when he would stay still long enough to snuggle.

He was shaking head to toe. I tried to calm him down with a few hugs and kisses, but the only thing that worked was putting my hand in his.

I’ll never forget how tight he grabbed my hand, still shaking from his nightmare. Eventually, his breathing slowed down and he was calm enough to sleep.

And that’s how we fell asleep. Gregory snuggled between us, holding my hand for dear life.

He may be an independent toddler, often saying, “No hug!” when I ask.

But he still knows that Mommy will always be there to comfort him when life gets scary. I hope that he never forgets that.

And I hope I never forget that he needs it.

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