Yesterday, our group therapy appointment got cancelled, so we took the rare opportunity of all of us being done at 3pm to go to the park (first, of course, we got some Thrifty’s icecream…cuz…you know).

All was well until we turned around and a GIANT goose had showed up, unannounced! I had Jesse pick up G, just in case.

And then, there was the awkward moment where I said, “Eww, what an ugly looking duck that is!”. And then, he tried to move and we realized his leg was broken. So, I obviously felt like the worst person in the entire world. In the end, he turned out to be the luckiest duck, because we gave him nearly all of our bread out of sympathy.

G was pretty enthusiastic about feeding the ducks! Smart kid, he started putting the bread right at his feet so that he could see the ducks up-close and personal as they came to get the bread

My sermons about tossing bread are quite good, actually


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