One of the things we’ve been learning in our training (forgive me if I sound like a novice here) is that a sense of belonging will work wonders in a kid’s attitude/outlook on life.

Caitlin doesn’t have many things of her own, so one of the first things we did together was look at some bedding/sheet sets for her room. She hasn’t had her own sheets in years, and we figured they were an easy thing to use both at her temporary home and for when she finally moves in with us.

First of all, we bought these sheets at Pottery Barn teen:

These sheets in the black print. Only $23.99 + free shipping for the entire set, AND they’re organic!

Here’s PB’s inspiration photo

Next, the duvet cover.

$149 from Urban Outfitters– yikes! She agreed to wait until it’s on sale.

We’re kind of going for this look, overall, just with a different duvet cover


And then, the actual bed frame for later when she needs one at our place.

Even though this inspiration one at PBteen is $2700, we found one almost like it on Craigslist for $50! Unfortunately, it had already sold 😦 Oh well, we just gotta wait!


So, that’s it! What do you guys think?

3 thoughts on “Room

  1. Love that it’s cute and girly AND sophisticated… it can grow with her. I wish my room looked like that when I was a teenager! (Mine may or may not have been plastered with *NSYNC posters *ahem*)

  2. Gorgeous! I agree with Beth: this sort of room transcends just one era of life. Can’t wait to see pictures of the finished product!

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