Anthony 5 (1/2) month letter

Dear Anthony,

You are actually 5.5 months as I write this, because the last few weeks have been rather busy!

But I needed to sit down and let you know what a ball of sunshine and love you’ve been to us! You are such a joyful, easy going baby (except at bedtime….more on that later). You nurse whenever, wherever. You are a punching bag for your brother (he’s trying to “tickle” you, so no hard feelings, k?). We can make you laugh and giggle by doing next to nothing. You love to be held by anyone, and you also love sitting in the bouncy chair, observing everything going on around you. I can’t stress enough what a wonderful joy you are to have around!

You pretty much exclusively co-sleep with Mommy now, going on about 6-7 weeks. This new habit has definitely cut into Mommy’s sleep, but (shh), secret, she doesn’t mind as much as you might think. She knows that in the blink of an eye, just like your brother, you will be a rambunctious toddler pushing her away 🙂 Plus, this also means you are nursing a TON and gaining weight like a champ! You are in 9-12 month clothing now (WOWZA!).

When you do sleep by yourself in the co-sleeper attached to Mommy’s side of the bed, you always roll over on your tummy and snuggle your cheek up with your fist. It’s pretty adorable. Sometime we can soothe you to sleep by rubbing or patting your back (I say SOMETIMES, because you prefer to exclusively fall asleep nursing, which means that Mommy spends 2-3 hours every night running up and down the stairs to go coax you back to sleep…NOT efficient, to say the least!).

You can’t quite sit up yet, but you’re almost there. During tummy time, you push up and try to inch around. You hardly ever stay on your back for long before you’ve rolled onto your tummy. You are grabbing onto everything around you, whether it be Mommy’s fork at the dinner table or the shirt of whoever’s holding you. WHAT a death grip! Mommy has to keep your nails cut at all times because you are able to inflict serious damage with those claws!

We’ve decided not to start you on any solid food for as long as we can possibly help it. Since you weigh a ton, poop and pee constantly, and still have yet to be sick,  I don’t think anybody’s too worried 😉 You nurse 6-8 times during the daytime for about 5-10 minutes, and then off and on all night (Mommy’s not counting then, because she’s trying to sleep, despite all of your acrobatics!). We already knew you didn’t like pacifiers (you made that pretty clear within a month or two of being born), but you’ve also decided that you won’t take a bottle. Luckily, Mommy’s work schedule allows her to be home to nurse you every 1-2 hours when she’s working, so it hasn’t been too inconvenient. Actually, it’s been a time-saver, since Mommy doesn’t need to clean bottles or pump!

You and Gregory already have the funniest relationship! You watch him intently, and the moment he pays attention to you in the slightest, you giggle. He kisses your belly, and you laugh hysterically. On the flip side, when he has a temper tantrum and does his classic shrieking, you burst into tears. Loud noises are extremely startling to you (your grandparents say that Mommy was the same way, don’t worry, you ‘ll never grow out of it).  When you cry, Gregory says, “Baby Wee! Baby Wee!” and tries to pat you, or goes and gets one of us.

Little Wee, you are kind of a big deal around here. If I could only pick one memory from this month, it would be your vivacious belly laugh that goes ON and ON! We all love you so much, and we love the happiness and joy that your personality brings to all of us!!




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