Don’t Let The $&*#s Bite!

And…the adventures continue!

We had an appointment this morning to tour our “Maybe” House with a friend of ours who just got his contractor’s license. He took measurements in order to make an AutoCad drawing (so we can play around with knocking down walls), and did some inspecting for foundation and roof problems. Our “official” inspection won’t happen until we are closer to having the deed in hand.

He didn’t find anything majorly wrong (no leaks, no cracks), but what we DID find was disturbing…

Let me back up. The saga with the current tenants has been a bit epic. We were due to tour the property last Thursday, and the tenants gave our realtor a super hard time about it, cussing her out, hanging up on her a few times, etc. The ironic part was that once we toured the home, we saw tons of Hume Lake and Christian posters everywhere!

Then today when we showed up, the tenants were still there. Super awkward. They had been given 24 hrs. notice to clear out for an hour or two while we conducted our investigation. They were still in the middle of breakfast!

As they were leaving, one of them (the girl who had cussed out our realtor), explained that there were bedbugs on the property.


Our realtor decided not to go in, but our contractor, Jesse, my dad and I all went in on a rotating basis, so that someone could be outside with the kids at all times. When we were done, we put trash bags over our seats for the 5 minute drive home. Upon arrival, we all stripped down in the kitchen and took turns bathing the kids and ourselves.

We have a pest inspection guy coming to do a termite and bedbug examination next Tuesday. Bedbugs can cost thousands to eradicate, so we will get a quote from him and simply ask the seller to lower the purchase price by that amount! We never actually saw any, and the tenants have proved that they want to make the house “undesirable” for purchase, since they’re mad about leaving, but it’s good to take threats like these seriously.

Exciting times for the Cones! Here are two pictures that our realtor took of G during one of my “shifts” with the kiddos.

I win “Mom-of-the-Year” award for today. Not only did we rush out of the house without a proper breakfast this morning, but I let him snack on goldfish crackers, AND he drank some of my coffee…

This was when I tried to take the mug away from him. Terrible Twos? BRING IT ON.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Let The $&*#s Bite!

  1. Don’t worry, Chels. We took every precaution. The bouncer will get washed anyways, but I’ll make sure it’s hot water, if you want (140 degrees kills bedbugs).

  2. haha, just giving you a hard time. 😛 yeah when we rented a u-haul to move they made us sign a thing saying we wouldn’t sue them if our stuff got bed bugs from the truck….FREAKED me out…man…I don’t even want to stay in a hotel just in case…..*sigh* now I need to take a shower…again….

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