Camping #2 with 2 babies!

It was always our desire to finish off the summer with ONE last camping trip. It was previously scheduled for the weekend before school started (our anniversary weekend), but we postponed it at the last minute.

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early and drove 2.5 hours to Wheeler Gorge, a campground right outside of Ojai (a small town 30 min. inland from Santa Barbara, for those who don’t know a lot about CA).

Quick travel tip for those with young kids: we try to always leave early in the morning, before they’re accustomed to being up, because they are sleepy and do well in the car. My analogy is this: you harvest honey in the morning, while the bees are still dozing, right? So that you don’t get stung?

Although the Shelbys were also set to join us, their daughter got super sick last minute and they ended up spending the weekend nursing her back to health 😦 But we did get Ben!

Overall…the campground was a LITTLE too hot for my taste. It was over 90 during the day, and only cooled off to around 75 at night. We didn’t even end up sleeping inside of our sleeping bags! Practically, this worked out well since whenever we camp (or whenever else, for that matter!) I co-sleep with Anthony and don’t use covers in order to be safe. So it worked out well for me!

Also, the stream wasn’t deep enough for swimming, just minor wading, which was a bit of a bummer (although I had Anthony strapped to me in the Mei Tai the whole time, so I’m not sure how that would have worked anyways…?). G LOVED the river. As in, “throw me in some cold water, Dad! I’m totally DOWN!!”

One other minor hiccup…Gregory pulled a stubborn streak of steel and decided that he would NOT sleep. Seriously. We thought it might have been because he could hear us talking around the campfire, but when we all transitioned to the tent around midnight, he STILL wouldn’t sleep! What on earth? I’ve never seen him so stubborn. He glared back at Jesse and directly disobeyed him for over an hour, as Jesse tried to be firm without also letting G wake up the entire campground with his high pitched screaming. I fell asleep in the middle of it all…when I woke up around 6, his pack n play was empty, so I started searching the tent for him. I found him curled up into a ball, no blankets, in the corner of the tent. I think somewhere in there Jesse must’ve given up and let G “do his thing” until he dropped…which he *eventually* did!

Good morning!

Between the 4 of us (G included) we finished off EIGHTEEN eggs!

You can see in G’s eyes how much of a toll that late night of stubbornness took on him!

Gregory and Momma!

Taking down the chairs

As always, the great imitator!

Gregory was gettin cranky, so while the boys took down the tents, I walked G around. You can see Anthony in the background, sleeping like an angel. Tough life…

After we were done packing up, we used some of the leftover water to hose down the mess-that-was-Gregory

Despite the fact that the water was COLD, he loved it!


On the way home, we all stopped in Ventura at Panera Bread….this picture probably gives you an idea of how tired the boys were!

3 thoughts on “Camping #2 with 2 babies!

  1. awwww. I’ve been waiting for a post and pictures! we were so sad to miss it; but, well, what can you do? glad it was fun. we’re thinking maybe El Capitan next summer? Also….is that our bjorn bouncer in the back or did you get one somewhere else?

  2. It’s your bouncer! Ben INSISTED that I was supposed to take it…I wasn’t sure, but I forgot to call you and ask once we had cell reception!

    Btw, if you didn’t mean to lend it, can I RENT it from you? Anthony LOVES IT. Even Jesse today was going to drop you a thank you email because Anthony actually lets us put him down for a while now! He has managed to learn how to flip out of his other ones, but for some reason, he not only stays put, but is quiet and calm!

    And we missed you, but you guys definitely did the right thing by playing it safe. I would have been mad at you for coming 🙂

  3. haha, yeah Justin was going to make sure we forced you guys to borrow it, so please, feel free. not like any little ones are coming any time soon to us. that thing was probably the SOLE factor that we successfully graduated. =)

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