2 makes perfect

I never knew it was possible to have two favorites. Now that I’m the lucky mom of these two adorable boys, I completely understand!

Side Note: Pretty much everywhere we go, people oooh and aaaahhh over how cute these two are. It’s amazing how much more attention two cuties get than one!

Fun Fact: If you buy an adult-sized Jamba Juice, they will put 4 oz. in a tiny cup for your toddler 🙂

This is the face he puts on when he’s intentionally trying to smile for the camera (he’s all about letting me take his picture, then looking at himself on the screen). His adorable sweet face makes me melt every time.

Anthony’s loving his Bumbo chair lately! Can’t believe we’re already here! And get a look at those arm rolls! I DID THAT! 🙂

I get to wake up next to this every morning. Definitely not a bad gig! 😉


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