Trader Joe’s

One more reason to love living in a small town– everyone is extremely kid friendly and patient!

For the past few weekends, Gregory and I have gone on a “date” to Trader Joe’s for a few groceries. He has an absolute blast! I love it because it gives me the chance for some one-on-one time with my first little love. We even have a special song that we sing: “Gregory and Mamma, going to the store! going to the store! going to the store!”

They have these adorable kiddie carts!

Instead of pushing two carts, we put all the groceries in his! He was actually REALLY good at maneuvering this all around a semi-crowded store. He wouldn’t let me help him push in the slightest though, so I was a little nervous at times (two words: wine.aisle.).

The cashier was so kind and friendly, letting Gregory hand him the groceries one by one, asking all sorts of questions, making G feel grown up and useful.

At the end, they have a kiddie play station, so Gregory and I pushed the trucks for a few minutes before heading home

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