Anthony 4 Month Letter

Dear Baby Boo,

Here are just a few things that we love about you!

  • You are so chubby. The Doctor says you are 16 pounds, 8 ounces (90th percentile), 26 inches long (80th percentile). You have chubby rolls everywhere, and they are oh so kissable!

  • You have a smile that lights up your entire face and then some. I’ve never seen such beautiful big eyes that smile!
  • You just started rolling a few weeks ago. Back to tummy was first, but now you do both. Once you’re on your tummy, you pull up and look around, as though you’re about to crawl.


  • You are so interactive! You love watching your brother most of all, but you also love following people around the room and talking with anyone in front of you (you almost always light up and smile if someone comes up and gives you attention).

  • You are very ticklish. Whenever you get tickled, you give these small chuckles that sound a little like chirping.
  • A sure way to make you laugh is to bring your toes to your nose. Works every time! Also, saying silly things quite close to your face always seems to make you laugh.

  • You still make the HUGEST pouty face when you’re sad. Even strangers stop dead in their tracks to feel sorry for you—it’s that effective. You also have the loudest, most angry baby cry I’ve ever heard. But even when you get upset, you are made happy again almost instantly, as though it never happened. It gets rather infuriating for the person who was trying to calm you down, as they try to make everyone believe that just 30 seconds ago, you WERE crying, honest!

  • We think you might be teething, since you’ve had some drool, so we bought you your first teething necklace this month.
  • Your hair is still silky dark brown, and your eyes are huge and blue. You are also pretty fair skinned, although you’ve gotten a little bit of sun on the tip of your nose.
  • You still love being held, especially in the Moby wrap. This last weekend, Grandma held you for almost the entire day in that thing! You, of course, slept the entire time.

  • You have a bedtime of around 8pm, and you “sleep” until the next morning, waking up 2-3x to nurse quickly then fall back asleep. Once or twice this past month, you’ve been up every hour to nurse—growth spurt? Your sleepiest time, by FAR is in the morning, from about 8am-12pm. You almost always sleep that entire stretch (mommy, of course, can’t, since she has your brother to care for!)

  • You spend most of your time being held on someone’s lap or lying on your activity mat. You don’t tolerate your bouncy seat as well anymore. You also are growing out of both your swaddle and your bassinet—time to move to the co-sleeper!
  • You grab at anything and everything. It’s especially cute when you grab onto Mommy’s shirt while you’re nursing, as though you’re never going to let go.
  • You always have your tongue sticking out. Seriously. Adorable.

Also, this month you got to meet your god-sister Lola, AND go camping at Big Sur for the very first time! 3 nights in a tent, next to your Momma….it wasn’t easy, but we’re all going again as a family next weekend, so it can’t have been too bad, right?

Overall, Baby Boo, you are just a fantastic joy to have around. I hope you keep this cheerful personality for ever, because we love it!

Love, Mommy

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