Pool Day

This afternoon, we drove 5 minutes to my parents’ house and swam in their pool with Gregory while Anthony napped.

At first, Gregory was VERY nervous in the water, probably a combination of how cold it was (despite the fact that it was 100 degrees, the water was freeeezing!) and not being used to it (we haven’t taken him swimming yet this summer). Gregory clung to Jesse, saying, “nah, nah, nah!”, shaking like a leaf.

G was so nervous, in fact, that he did one of the cutest, most loving things I’ve ever seen. Seriously, it might be my favorite example of his sweet little heart. Jesse got out and went over to the diving board, while G sat on the steps with me. Right as Jesse dove in, Gregory gave a startled jump, started shrieking, “DADDAAA! DADDA!!!!!” , then burst into hysterical crying. He didn’t stop crying until Jesse swam over and showed him how alright he was. I’ve never seen him so scared and concerned for someone else. He thought something had happened to Jesse, and it completely destroyed him.

But, by and by, he got acclimated. With some fun splashing (he thought it was hysterical, even though every time he tried to “get” one of us, he got himself in the face instead), we even convinced him to float on his back and to “swim” while on his front.

Right as we were finishing, my mom brought home an inflatable kiddie pool from Target. Needless to say, G was a big fan.

He called it his “new-ul” instead of noodle

Showing off for everybody 🙂


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