The garden!

Just yesterday afternoon, I was complaining to my father in law about how my container garden had not sprouted any veggies yet.

When I went to the backyard to gather this kiddo:

Nana brought some chalk over as a present. Guess what our entire patio looks like now?

I noticed something. A FEW somethings!

Six, I repeat, SIX of these cute little squash guys!

A zucchini!

Even a tomato!

Not to bad for a bunch of seeds I threw in a cup 4 months ago!







2 thoughts on “The garden!

  1. Yay, good for you! I’m jealous; I started my garden a bit late this summer due to being 9 mos pregnant and then having a newborn. I’m worried I won’t get any veggies! 😦 I’m still hoping though!

    Btw, I think our little ones sound remarkably similar in their contented, easy going little personalities! 🙂

    • Sarah, they do sound similar! I know what you mean about the worry of not getting any veggies. Also, don’t you have to worry about snow? I planted these seedlings just a week before having Anthony! And then, they sat around for too long in small pots because we were moving and I didn’t want to transfer them yet. I’m so glad they’re yielding SOMETHING after all of the trauma I’ve put them through.

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