Visit from Texas– Rodriguez Family

This summer, we’ve had 4 visits from Texas friends! I know, right? I haven’t been able to blog about the others, since I was a fool and took pictures on my “real” camera, instead of my camera phone. Oh, missing camera cord, how you mock me.

Anyways, we first met our friends, the Rodriguez Family, a week and a half before Easter 2009, when we were told by Fr. John that we were going to be godparents that Saturday at a chrismation. We had never met Lola, but we loved her on sight.

3 years ago– she looks like such a baby!

The entire family, 2 parents and 4 kids, were all chrismated together. They proceeded to become super involved in the life of the church– we saw them at everything. Over the years, Lori helped Jesse lead Sunday school, hosted Girls’ Night Out Parties, and bought me nice baby shower presents 🙂

This is Lori in 2010, throwing our friend Katie a surprise baby shower at her house

When I read on Facebook that they were camping in Big Sur and headed south to LA, I knew they’d be passing through our neck of the woods and contacted them immediately. Despite the spotty reception, Smart Phones saved the day and we met up for a few hours at one of our favorite parks in Shell Beach (we used to walk there when I was pregnant with Anthony).

Here are a couple pictures!

G LOVES the beach!

So does Anthony

Lola had a great time playing with Gregory

“Can I hold the baby?”

With the kiddos

The whole group. See how nice the weather was?

Anthony got tired and fell right asleep in Ron’s arms. Lori kept saying how it’s been YEARS since he’s gotten to hold a boy (Jorge is 10). And there’s Lily (the Unruhs’ god-daughter)

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