Big Sur Preview

I haven’t found my camera cord yet, which means that MY Big Sur pics have yet to be downloaded. But here is a family picture, taken by sweet Emily Grace (David’s girlfriend, not my sister in law…yet!) that I just had to share for one particular reason.

Note G’s “drowned rat” face. Don’t be fooled, he absolutely LOVED playing in the freezing cold river. At one point, Jesse asked him if he wanted more, and he looked up, teeth chattering and lips turning blue and said, “Mo, riv-uh!”

This was Gregory’s first pool experience at 5 months. Notice the face?

Here’s the same face again at 7 months!

Also, not to overstate the obvious– we did it. We camped with TWO kids under the age of 2 years old: 4 days, 3 nights. How we survived? Other than the first night (after which I was like, “we’re getting a hotel or going home. end of story.”) things were pretty easy, probably because we had a TON of help from our families (my parents’ site and jesse’s parents’ site were side by side).

But more on that later!




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