Projects Around the House!

Where to start? I’ve been going hog-wild the past couple of days.

Let’s start with the pillows (inspired by this $169 version!):

The yellow one on the right used to be two napkins that match my tablecloth

Yes, I even stenciled the letters myself!

I’m super proud of this one. I made an envelope-style cover! The stripes even match up

What good are pillows without a matching bench? We decided to go with Ikea’s Expedit for extra table seating. Since our table is trestle style, there are no legs to interfere with the seating, plus the bench is the same height as our chairs, AND we needed additional storage near our garage door for shoes/sandals, and also near our sliding glass door for all of G’s backyard toys.

We made the bench cushion using burlap from and a cushion from Home Depot

You’ve already seen the sign, but now there are curtains and a bird canvas (inspired by this Pinterest find) to match.

Closeup of the kitchen curtains

Closeup of the matching bird canvas (I used fabric from the curtains)

And then there’s our floormat. We used this tutorial from Pinterest in order to create a child-friendly rug for our kitchen/dining nook. I’ll tell you now– it works! Tried and true! After we completed the 3 Polyurethane coats, we added the Ikea Stopp Filt Rug Pad (Only $9.99! A steal!).

Using the same fabric as the pillow cover (from, Premier Prints Lulu Twill), I hemmed it before we started rolling it

Another view with a little different lighting

Thank God for summer, and thank God for a selfless husband who watches the kids while I complete my “projects”!


2 thoughts on “Projects Around the House!

  1. Oh my gosh, everything looks so great!!! Where at Home Depot did you get the cushion for the expedit? Its been on my to-do list to make one (our window seat is the same size) with upholstery foam but if there’s a pre-made option near by I might actually get it done:)

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