a dose of cuteness

Lately, Anthony has definitely been giving Gregory a run for his money when it comes to “cutest Cone baby”.



This is how happy he is to see me, first thing in the morning!


Not only is he joyful (several giggly/smiley times every day, usually right after he’s spat up all over me), but he is a pro sleeper. He is now sleeping 6-8 hrs. at night, and takes naps anywhere, especially in the Moby wrap! Although he LOOKS like a 6 month sized baby, he still holds his head up like the 2 month old he is, so the Moby works best when he’s completely zonked out.


As if you needed more convincing, here are some adorable 1 minute videos (they always happen spur of the moment, and since my Blackberry only takes 1 min. videos….) As you can see, he’s quite the talker!



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