Anthony’s 2 Month Letter

Dearest Anthony,

You are already 2 months old. No one would know it by looking at you. People have guessed 5 or 6 months, but never 8 weeks. You already weigh 14 pounds and are 25″ long! For a frame of reference, your brother wasn’t this big until he was half a year old.

But you are your own unique little person, marching to the beat of your own drum, and we LOVE that about you. Your many many rolls (Mommy counted 6 per thigh tonight! Wowza!), your full head of thick (yet so soft…) black hair, your beautiful blue eyes that occasionally look Asian, your ginormous umbilical hernia– you are already so special in so many ways.

So big!

We are beginning to see more and more of your personality each day now. You have so many sounds, gurgles and coos, and we are starting to have lots of little “conversations”. You smile lots, you fall asleep during tummy time, you have different cries for different needs. You recognize Mommy now. In fact, you made her morning the other day– you woke up fussing, and the moment she reached over to get you, you cracked the biggest grin. What a charmer.

You still love being cuddled. Since Mommy and Daddy made the decision not to use an infant carseat, you get held in either a sling, the Moby wrap or the Mei Tai a LOT. Even short grocery trip runs are pleasant when Mommy gets to snuggle you the whole time! You fall asleep when you’re being cuddled close, making it easy to do chores, play with your brother, even eat dinner while “wearing” you. This is how you made your first beach and zoo trip!

You’re in there, somewhere, with your little hat to keep the sun off

You love to play in your floor gym, staring at yourself in the mirror for many minutes at a time. You always fall asleep the moment we hit 35 mph in the car (and we can’t fool you either! 30 just doesn’t quite cut it!). You have long active stretches during the day where you perform your aerobics, kicking and punching constantly (reminds Mommy very much of when you were inside her!).

During a particularly active session

This month, you were baptized and chrismated! You only screamed through the “exorcism” portion and the actual water part, but you were good the rest of the time. Your godparents, Gregory and Joanna, flew all the way out from Scotland for you! They brought you a beautiful cross necklace and icon of Saint Anthony. They held you as much as possible before leaving again. We hope that you will get to know them well!

With your godparents

You have continued to be a good sleeper, so long as you are well fed, recently changed and swaddled. Almost every night, you sleep from 1am until the sun rises. You never sleep with a pacifier– we only use it to calm you down when you’re having a huge fit. Speaking of fits…you have one huge set of lungs! You can go from fast asleep to screaming with huge TEARS in under 20 seconds. Not exaggerating. You have some intense extremes, kiddo.

That’s one big yawn!

You have been struggling with some reflux, and it’s so heartbreaking. Your cries are so sad, so painful sounding that everyone around just looks at you with sympathy. We help by burping you lots, sometimes 2-3x during a feeding and then several times afterwards. The Dr. prescribed you a small dosage of Zantac today, so we’ll see if that helps. Given all that pain, it’s no wonder you’ve been spitting up after almost every single feeding (you even “projectiled” one into Mommy’s EAR yesterday!).

But we don’t resent you for it.

Because you are our little Anthony.

Our “Anton”. Our “Barnacle”. Our “Wee”.

Your quiet and sweet intensity is a perfect addition to our little family, and we love living with you 🙂

Love, Mommy


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