Anthony James’ Baptism!

Today, my 6.5 week old Baby Giant was baptized.

Lest you think I’m kidding about the giant part, I was given a 9 month baptismal garment some time ago from a friend. Anthony wore it. And it only looked a TINY bit too big.

Also, he’s currently in 3-6 month clothing. Huh.

Anyways, back to the baptism. A few months ago, we asked Tim and Hope, our long time good friends, to be the godparents for Anthony.

A little reminder of how we know these guys 🙂

Tim and Jesse have been best friends since they were babies, and I’ve been friends with both of them since high school (although I knew both of them prior). I arrived at Biola 2 years after they did and met their good friend, Ben Rhodes, who was just coming back to Biola after being at Oxford for a semester. A year later, I met Ben’s little sister, Hope. She also came to our wedding (along with Tim and Ben, who were actually in the wedding), but got stuck in a row boat out on the lake at the reception (long story… 🙂 )

This is one of my favorite pictures from our wedding. The ceremony had already finished and the boys were being goofy. You can see Tim to Jesse’s right. You can see Ben to HIS right.

Fast forward to a year later. Tim and Hope started dating (which was…interesting, since Tim and Ben were roommates at the time!).

Another year later and they got married! Just as Tim was Jesse’s best man, Jesse was also Tim’s best man. I was a bridesmaid and I walked down the aisle with…you guessed it…Ben. Oh, what a small world 🙂

Ben and I. Single ladies, don’t worry. He’s not always this serious.

We always knew that the Bartels should be the godparents to one of our kids someday. It was a long shot, seeing as they currently live in Scotland (Tim is getting his PhD from Saint Andrews), but they decided to combine the baptism with a 2 week vacay to visit friends and family in CA.

What we got was one beautiful baptism!

Anthony only screamed through this and the exorcism. Fitting, no?

Do you see those chubby thighs??? LOVE!

The money shot– he is SPITTING MAD! Also, before you comment on his “outie” belly button, remember that he has an umbilical hernia (should go away on its own…they say…)

Hope putting on Anthony’s cross. He was calm and sedate for the rest of the time, even slept through the entire liturgy and churching!

We had over a dozen family and friends who made the hour drive down to our church for the event. Even though the service was early in the morning, nearly the entire parish congregation showed up as well! The church wasn’t packed, but it was close! 🙂

After everything was over, we had a nice reception in the parish hall. Everyone was so warm and friendly, as though we’d been a part of the parish for years instead of just a few months! It was nice to “be” served, instead of serving, as is usual for us. We were given a few very generous cash gifts as well (I plan to buy a zoo membership for the boys!).

Once we left the church, we all met at Panera Bread in San Luis Obispo to hang out just a little bit longer.

Did I mention that Hope is 19 weeks preggo? 🙂


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