All the Small Things

A home never feels like a home to me until I put up decorations– not just any decorations, my decorations. Even if they are new, they still feel like mine if they turn out the way I’ve envisioned them in my head!

The shelf is not complete yet– I purchased the top from the thrift store ($5!!!) and added the brackets onto the bottom ($1.99/each). Eventually, I will paint it all white. But I feel accomplished because I put this baby up ALL BY MYSELF, wall anchors and everything! Not only is it straight, it hasn’t even fallen down yet!

My beautiful babes! I got these for FREE (er, the canvases were free. A lot of work went into growing the kids!). I paid a little bit for shipping, but that was it! Of course, these definitely feel like “my” decorations, seeing as they’re also “my” kids!


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