Mother’s Day Weekend 2012

This is my second real Mother’s Day, even though I also celebrated one in 2010 since I was pregnant with Gregory at the time. We didn’t have much planned– I’ve been so busy getting things ready for our move this weekend (!!!) that the days have flown by.

The whole weekend was rather nice. Jesse has this wonderful habit of waking up with the kids every weekend and letting me sleep. I didn’t wake up until 11am on Saturday, and when we both woke up with sore throats on Sunday, Jesse stayed home from church and let me sleep in until nearly noon! Moral of the story: sleep=awesome.

We lazed around all day on Saturday, then got “gussied up” and went to our school’s benefit auction. I went a bit late in order to put G to bed (Janelle “sleep-sat” him thereafter), but it was really easy since the auction was literally a 2 minute drive away. Small town living– LOVE IT. It was a fun evening filled with desserts and coffee (as a teacher, my ticket was paid for!), hanging out with Tess who helped me change Anthony’s diapers and kept me company while I nursed in the foyer, and listening to Jesse’s 5 minute speech/introduction to the school’s promo video. So proud of that guy 🙂

As I already mentioned, Sunday morning consisted of me sleeping in, yet again, and Jesse getting up with the kids. Right around the time I rolled out of bed at noon, Brooke texted us saying that the family brunch for my Mother in Law was ready to go. We gathered the kids in quick fashion (aka, it took an hour) and made it to Paso for a lovely breakfast cooked by Brooke! We lounged around with the family, opened a few presents, and even took a nap on the couch (Jesse).

My gorgeous Mother in Law, sporting her new hat!

Sunday evening I finished round 2 of painting our apartment with Janelle and Rachel as my sidekicks. It’s looking so gorgeous….I can’t WAIT to show pictures! All in good time….I still have about 30 minutes worth of edging to do. But I got to meet the owner on Friday evening, which was great because he did a walk through of the apartment with me, asking what type of blinds I wanted, which walls I wanted him to paint, showing me the brand new stain he’d put on the kitchen cupboards and the backyard fence, etc. It was nice to put a face with the word, “landlord”.

Back to Mother’s Day festivities: even though Jesse didn’t have any physical gift for me, he did tell me that he’s arranged for us to go beachfront horseback riding in June once the Dr. gives the “okay”! This is a big step in our relationship– normally, Jesse overthinks the whole “gift giving” side of things and becomes paralyzed. I’m pretty used to either telling him exactly what I want with giant hints, or we go shopping together and he buys me something that I pick out 🙂 He blew away all of my expectations this year by arranging something ahead of time! Again, did I mention that I’m proud of him? 🙂

Lest you think that you might get through one blog post without having to deal with my crazy postpartum sentimentality, I thought I’d throw in a little something about Motherhood. I love it. These boys are crazy, but in such a good way. Every night I fall asleep, wondering if there’s any way I could love them more! And then the next day comes, and, somehow, I fall even more in love. I cannot begin to describe how mushy it makes my heart to see G grow into such a caring older brother who runs to Anthony’s side when he starts crying. I love all his crazy antics, the way he reads his books and says his letters, his adorable chubby cheeks and his HUGE blue eyes and curly blond hair……..and then there’s Anthony, the newest love of my life, who is so cuddly, so tolerant, so serious, and already so handsome! Maybe it’s his full head of hair, but I can totally see what he’s going to look like as a teenager, and we’re going to have to institute a no-dating policy early, I’m sure. In fact, even though they look so wildly different, both of our boys are abnormally good looking, I must say 😉

Overall, it’s a huge challenge, but Motherhood truly is the greatest gig ever.

Sigh. It’s so hard to get G to look at the camera these days! What happened to my little boy who loved to ham it up for the camera? 🙂

The best family pic we could come up with!


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