1 Month appt.

I cannot BELIEVE that Anthony is already a month old!

Also, as far as unbelievable things go…the kid, who I will now refer to as “El Chubbo”, weighed in at 11 lbs. 5 oz.! That’s over 3 lbs. of weight gained since his birth at 8lbs. 2 oz.! Makes sense, seeing as he is nursing every 1-2 hrs., nonstop πŸ™‚

ALSO, thanks to all of your great advice, I have not lost any weight in 2 weeks! Hopefully we can keep this trend going– no weight loss on my end, LOTS of weight gain for El Chubbo!

Anyone who thinks that I am overly excited has never gone through the exhausting trial of having a “failure to thrive” baby. Some people get used to hearing, “90th percentile”– I will NEVER be able to take that for granted. I cannot even explain how elated I felt when the nurse said that. It was like I had just got an entire semester of A+ s. That one moment made all the 4am wakeup calls worth it!

We have two issues to contend with– he has a little bit of jaundice left in his eyes, so we are going to get his blood drawn, just to cover our bases (apparently there is a thing called “breast milk induced jaundice”?). He also has a diaper rash from HELL, which turned out to be a yeast infection. We have to go pick up a prescription for some medicated cream. Poor guy, it looks like he birthed an acid bomb down there… 😦

Anyways, here are pictures of the whole family on this momentous day!


Me in the bathroom, ALL ALONE! A rare occurrence nowadays, since Gregory has mini-panic attacks whenever I leave the room without him 😦

Gregory’s favorite Contraband Drawer…the batteries…

A Gregory and Dadda wrestling match


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