Master Bedroom Picture Project

I’ve been on a project spree lately, in case you can’t tell. I already mentioned that when we move, we will be overhauling the color scheme/decor that we previously had in our master bedroom.

Part of what we needed was some sort of decoration or art work to go above our headboard. I looked around for things that would work in our color scheme, but I didn’t like it or it was more than I wanted to spend.

I’ve always really wanted large photo canvases of our wedding pictures, but they’re really expensive– about $80/each for an 8×10. So, I decided to do the cheap version for now, before deciding to make that kind of investment. These 11×14 were $15/each through our photographer, and they turned out beautifully. The canvases were $5/each on sale at Michaels. I glued the back of them onto the canvas using photo-safe Mod-Podge, and voila!

My mom’s gonna be upset that you can see her mismatched dining room chairs in the background. Don’t worry, she’s working on replacing them ASAP 🙂

I even helped Janelle with her own 8×10 from school! These smaller canvases were even cheaper– about $1.50/each

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