Anthony James!

Here he is, our sweet as can be little Anthony James.

The Stats:

* Born April 11th, 10:10pm, 2 hrs ahead of his due date.

* 5 hours of active labor, 10 min. of pushing

* 8 lb., 2 oz., 21.5″ long (1″ longer than G! And we thought he was a lanky beanpole!)

* Dark dark hair and dark dark eyes

* A strawberry birthmark shaped like Australia on his right butt cheek!

* Soooo very loved and soooo very worth every minute of that last trimester.


Gregory, at the same exact age. Do they look similar?

One thought on “Anthony James!

  1. SOOO precious!! (and yes, I see a brotherly resemblence) Can’t wait to hear the rest of your story – but understand the need to rest up and recover from the little bit of the story that i’ve heard on FB. So happy for you, Jesse, and Gregory. Congrats!!

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