This may seem boring to all of you, but to my neurotic-nesting self, it was the highlight of my Saturday!

Since everything is moving along nicely with our escrow (house inspection didn’t turn up anything big, thank God!), we are starting to plan for moving in. For realsies, not just in my head/on Pinterest/in my design notebook 🙂

For the past few weeks, I’ve been looking for a good deal on a front-loading washer and dryer. I’ve read and heard from others that top loaders are best for cloth diapers, but the fact is that our laundry space will be a bit cramped in the new place. Instead of having an official, “laundry room”, we will have a closet, of sorts. This is nothing different than any apartment we’ve lived in, however, so I know that we can handle it easily, even managing to make it cute!

Anyways, I wanted front loaders so that I could multi-task the space and make a laundry folding station on top. Note these inspiration pictures from Pinterest:


These are not front loaders, but I find this picture cute and inspirational, nonetheless

The problem? Most front loaders are out of our meager price range.

Then, I found someone who had just moved and wanted to remodel their entire laundry room area to something “fancier” (and, by the looks of their giant house, they could probably afford it!).

Which is how we got these babies, PLUS the matching pedestals (not shown), for $400 total. The gas dryer had only been used for 3 weeks before the owner moved to an electric-only house. It then sat, unused for a few years. Enter US.


At first, I didn’t want the pedestals, because I was afraid that the top would then be too high for me to fold laundry on, foiling my whole “convenience” plan. But when we got there and I tried them out, they were definitely not too tall. And the convenience of having the pedestals, so as not to have to bend over too much? Super awesome.

Anyways, there they are! Of course, I’m nervous about buying used appliances, but, truth be told, we don’t have the money to spend $2000 on brand new ones. We had really great luck buying used ones in Dallas, so I’m praying these will work until we can afford new ones, should the need arise.


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